Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yarn and Musicals

The finished product.

Yesterday morning I sat in my car before my morning class and finished the last three rows on my Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief. I didn't get a chance to block it before wearing it, but I think it is just fine the way it is.

I think the glasses really made the outfit ;-)

Last night was the opening night for The Music Man. Steve auditioned a couple months back for a role as the baritone barbershop quartet (he sings baritone in his local barbershop harmony group) and actually was cast to play Jacey and sing as tenor. So Chase and I were off for an evening of theater entertainment and decided we needed to dress the part (I was going as the artistic wife!).

The musical was absolutely phenomenal. Everyone did an amazing job, and Steve is a surprisingly great tenor (he was nervous about this). Poor Chase made it until the last twenty minutes and then he fell asleep (it was after 10pm by this time), but he said he really enjoyed it.

Chase, Steve, and Steve's quartet partner, Tim.

Yesterday as I was heading home from class, Steve happily called to say not only was the milk delivered (he gets as excited about the milk delivery as Chase) but that I received "a rather large box".


I am absolutely in love with the yarn from Quince & Co. This is my first time ordering yarn from them, but I definitely think I will again in the future. Okay, I know. Enough talk, more pictures of the yarn. ;-)

Fourteen skeins of Gingerbread. Mmm yum!

Oh it's so pretty!

This is a better shot of the Frank's Plum.

 The purple will be used for the scarf I'm making for Gena. All of the Gingerbread and most of the other colors will be used in the sweater for my dad. Some of the greens will be used for Fara's slippers. I picked up an extra skein of the Peaks Ferry because the shade called to me. I have a special project attempt planned for that skein.

I'm hoping next week to start work on my dad's sweater!

Hope everyone has a wonderful, beautiful weekend.


  1. Ah and there it is! Very pretty and so colourful, I love it. Awesome glasses =)
    All that lovely yarn and so much of it will go into knitted gifts? You are quite generous! But will at least something be for yourself?

  2. Love your scarf AND all the new goodies!! I'm drooling! LOL! blessings ~ tanna

  3. I love the glasses - such a cool look :)
    And wow - that yarn - drooling here to, but I can't wait to see what you have planned for that lovely skein - something frivolous for you I hope. xxx

  4. Emily,

    You did a wonderful job on your Kerchief. It is beautiful!!

    P.s Love the


    A Knitters Notebook

  5. Emily, how fabulous you look wearing you kerchief and the glasses are too cute!
    I am really coveting all the yarn you ordered, it all looks so pretty.
    What is this about milk delivery? Do you have a company that brings milk to your door? Is it in glass bottles?
    Sounds like you are in for a great weekend, enjoy the show! xx

  6. @FlauschiOhren

    A good portion of the colorful yarn is used for accents in the gingerbread color sweater, so I am hoping to have enough leftovers to maybe make something for myself. I do have a try-out project I am going to use the reddish color for but no idea how it will turn out!

  7. @The Barefoot Crofter

    I love my glasses (Chase keeps borrowing them -- he likes to wear them when I'm driving). :)

    The extra skein project isn't a frivolous idea, but it will be functional and hopefully cute :)

  8. @Tracey

    Thank you, Tracey. I really love my kerchief and look forward to wearing it more this fall.

    There is a local dairy that offers home delivery of all of their products. We are loving this option! The milk comes in 1/2 gallon glass bottles. I'll get a picture this week for you.

  9. The yarn is simply gorgeous! What a great gift to receive in the mail :) Love the glasses and the shawl is very pretty. Congrats on the Music man role!!! Now you know someone "famous" ;)

  10. Your scarf looks great, especially on that artsy wife!!

    You have a husband that sings... NICE!

    And I've never in my life gotten such a beautiful box in the mail...

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. Lovely, lovely, lovely. The Kerchief. The artistic wife. The yarn. I really think I will have to add that kerchief to my project list. I want new yarn now...

  12. Nice kerchief! I made a sweater from Puffin earlier this summer. I love the yarn. Quince and Co is my new favorite. I actually wore the sweater this weekend - it is so soft and warm. I am eager to see what you make.

  13. @Swanski

    Thank you! :) Steve is really enjoying his part in the musical. It has pushed him out of his comfort zone (he usually sings baritone) and as gotten a lot of positive feedback.

    I've had to hide my new yarn away in the closet because the second those packages were opened, a certain cat was nosing around.

    But it was so nice to receive such beautiful fiber!

  14. @Proud Mama

    You really should add it Julia! It is a very quick and easy pattern. You could whip one up with ease :)

  15. @Proud Mama

    Thank you! I love the yarn from Quince and Co. It feels so good and so far I am enjoying it.

  16. The colours in your scarf are great, love the artistic pose. And oh the colours of the yarn, so much gorgeousness!

  17. you're stylin'! and all that yarn! like heaven.

  18. @Alittlebitsheepish

    Thank you! I am really in love with all the yarn. :)