Friday, October 21, 2011

Mom Update

Ever so stylish!

I left Michigan shortly after 3am yesterday morning and made it down to Indianapolis to visit with Mom before her procedures. The first procedure was a needle (wire) localization where she had four wires inserted into her breast to help locate the growths. They typically perform this procedure when the growths are small enough to not be detected by touch. This took about 90 minutes. Mom was less than pleased with this due to discomfort, but the person who did the biopsies also performed this procedure and my Mom really likes him. After the wiring procedure, nuclear medicine came in and targeted her lymph nodes.

By 1pm Mom was taken back to be hooked up to her nerve blocker (a delightful little device called an On-Q C-bloc that she carries around in a fanny pack until it is done) then surgery. Surgery was only two hours.

The preliminary reports on the lymph nodes is that they look good. They'll know for sure in about a week when the pathology report is back. Mom's surgeon removed three tumors total, all very small.

Mom is doing wonderfully. She's in very little discomfort (hooray nerve block!) and is in rather good spirits. She has a drain in right now, and I am dutifully emptying and charting the drainage.

Right now she's just relaxing. Tomorrow I head back to Michigan and I have permission to bring her back home with me to recover! She'll come back Wednesday evening for her first follow-up appointment with the surgeon.

Thank you everyone for keeping my Mom in prayer these past few weeks. We both appreciate it so much!


  1. So happy to hear this news!!! Wishing your Mom, a quick recovery, good drugs, gentle nurses and tasty hospital food(the cookies are at least good at ours)

  2. Emily, that is the best news! I have been thinking of you both today and I'm glad everything went well. Hugs to you both!

  3. Sounding very positive Emily. Keeping you all close to my heart. xxx

  4. I am still praying for your mom and tell her I said "hi"! I will be keeping her and you in my thoughts :)

  5. @Julia

    Thanks Julia! Mom was a day patient and was released into my care :) (and I am being an excellent nurse) She's here recovering for the next few days then will go back to my brother's.

  6. @Swanski

    Thanks Karen! My Mom says "hi!" back. :)

  7. I'm so glad everything went well, and I hope she gets better soon!