Monday, October 17, 2011

The Road to Wellness

Wednesday morning started a lot of excitement in our neck of the woods.

When Steve arrived home from work, the local water utilities was checking the manhole in front of our house (it's a weekly routine, I think they have gators under the streets that they're feeding). The sweet lady asked Steve if he could smell the gas and Steve cheerfully replied "Yep. We had Michcon out over the summer and they were able to do a patch job. The city is not responding to our calls to come out again.". With that, the lady called it in. Within five minutes the ladder truck from the fire department came around the corner (have I mentioned before that they are a street over and their parking lot adjoins the back yard across the street?). They confirmed an extremely high gas reading and put in a call to Michcon. The poor guy who came out was really not aware of the past history we have had. He insisted on coming in to make sure it wasn't in the house (it's not), then was shocked when Steve explained the problem to him.

Within two hours Chase's buddies from the summer were out again and ripping up the road. Chase was so disappointed that he missed a good portion of the opening excitement!

The digging began and continued overnight. That's right. There were six men in my front yard overnight digging up the road. Our bed is right up against the front window. I slept, but I woke a lot. And when I woke up, I was wide awake and watching out the window to see the progress. I considered sleeping in the guest room which is in the back of the house upstairs, but I put Chase in there since his room is also in the front of the house (plus he wasn't feeling 100% so I wanted him to sleep as well as he could.

Good morning!

The work stopped shortly after 9am and didn't start again until Friday morning. Going into this we knew the gas lines on our street are original to our neighborhood (over 90 years old!) and hadn't been updated. We knew when they did the patch work over the summer that it was just that, patch work. I guess we all had hoped it would last a bit longer. So work stopped until the new pipes arrived which was late Friday evening. Thankfully, they were delivered but work didn't start again until around 7am on Saturday.

At one end of the street they started digging up the yards/sidewalks/driveways to replace the lines coming from the house to the street. I knew we lost the use of the gas in our house at some point, but I had decided to take advantage of the chilly day and have a fire in the fireplace (of which a sick child happily enjoyed). At the other end of the street they started pulling and replacing the pipes. With all of this work going on, I was happy to say they did close the street so it was relatively quiet *ahem* traffic wise for two days.

Work finished Sunday evening with the filling in, covering, and removing the steel plates from the driveways. The rest were picked up this morning. This was quite exciting to witness (my gosh I love watching an excavator at work!) and if Chase was feeling up to his normal self, I am sure he would have been out there supervising.

And now for Chase. Like I mentioned before, Chase woke up Wednesday not feeling great. He said he felt weak, but okay otherwise. I thought it may have been because the night before he was doing physical activity testing for Scouts and ran a mile and a half plus push-ups, sit-ups and he was just feeling it the day after. He wasn't feverish, so off he went to school. He felt okay in the evening, a little off the next morning, etc. Friday night, whatever was dwelling within his body finally went nuts and he went feverish.

No matter what I gave him, or we did, I could never get his fever down to normal. It hovered happily between 100 and 102.4 all weekend. Chase either spent his day wrapped up in a pile of blankets, or begging me to let him stand outside in his shirt and a pair of shorts. He slept, he drank cider, juice, water. He ate maybe two pieces of toast from Friday night and to today. This is just so shocking for me for a kid who eats and goes and burns it off within a few hours. He also had a dry, painful sounding cough. It was there, wasn't settling in his chest, just being annoying.

Chase missed out fossil hunting with the Scouts. He missed going to the science center today with his troop. This morning when there was no change to his temperature, I called our doctor. An hour before his appointment, and at his appointment, his temperature was normal. I took this as a sign that the fever may have finally broke. Before we left the house he was reading and I could see the sweat puddling on his face. His hair was soaked when we got into the car (all a good sign, I thought).

The good news is that his ears, throat, and chest were all clear. She still put him on an antibiotic because his cough was becoming moist and he had been fighting something for almost a week. He was also given a breathing treatment that really helped his cough. She also wants us to come back in a week to go over an asthma action plan for him. He hasn't been officially diagnosed with asthma until now, but she says he needs to make sure he has an inhaler at school and at home.

Chase was NOT happy that I made him wear a mask at the doctor's.

So where are we now? Well, the fever is back again and Chase is less than pleased. He's attempting to eat dinner tonight, but really doesn't care that much about food. I am hoping a good soak in the tub tonight will help him break his fever for good. And if not, he's going to sleep on the porch (I'm kidding!).

This week is certainly off to a rocky start.


  1. You have had an exciting few days! I hope Chase feels better soon. My oldest has also been battling something.

  2. Poor Chase! Both of my kiddos have asthma and one of them had a rough time prior to being diagnosed. Once the right meds were given she improved greatly. I hope he feels better soon and the fever goes away.

  3. Things have been so busy at your home! I hope Chase is feeling better soon now that he's on meds. I can always tell when one of mine won't eat that something is wrong, mom's know!
    Scary about the gas in your area. I am always amazed at how the 'powers that be' act sometimes!
    Hope the rest of your week is better and please say Hi to your Mom for me.

  4. Bless his heart!! Hope he is feeling much better! It is tough haveing a kiddo sick. blessings ~ tanna

  5. wow! Too many events for one person! Hope chase feels better soon.

  6. @Proud Mama

    There seems to be so much creeping crud going around right now! My friends in OH are battling an outbreak of croup/whooping cough.

    Hope yours feel better soon!

  7. @Swanski

    Thanks! His fever finally went away for good last night. He's feeling better, very anxious to get to school again.

  8. What a start to the week. Hope Chase is feeling better. He does look unimpressed by the mask.

  9. @Tracey

    Yeah, I'm not really happy with the city right now. They spent all summer putting in this fancy cobblestone walkways in town, but when it came down to this project, it was slow go to get approval. But whew! So glad it's done!

    Chase seems to be good this morning. He's just so ready to get back to school.

  10. @Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow

    Thanks Tanna! Chase is doing much better today. He's barely eating still, but no fever, and the cough isn't too bad. His energy is through the roof!

  11. @Freedom Three

    Never a dull moment in our house! Thanks -- Chase is doing a lot better today.

  12. @Cheryl

    He was less than amused when they handed him a child's mask with infant Disney characters on it. LOL! He has a bunch of masks at home but he said that "When you have to wear one and it's not for play, then it's no longer cool."

  13. Hope he is feeling better soon, poor little guy!

  14. @Julia

    Thanks! He's doing really good today!

  15. Well, you've certainly had an impressive 24 hours! I sent up a prayer for Chase...

    Blessings, Debbie