Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Today we join Ginny and all of the other great fiber artists in her weekly knitting and reading post. Stop by and join in the fun!

With Mom visiting, she of course is excited for the opportunity to join in on a yarn along!

The purple is a baby sweater for the daughter of a friend of hers. The yarn is amethyst and the pattern also comes from Pattern Works. She actually has the sleeves done, too, and plans on putting it all together this afternoon.

The turquoise is also from Pattern Works and was a "test drive" yarn she chose. She liked it so much that she decided to make a scarf for herself out of it. This is a pattern she pieced together herself.

That little tiny mulit-colored sweater is going to be for a recently purchased teddy bear. The sweater pattern is a newborn pattern by Kaleidoscope Yarns and the yarn is Plymouth Yarn Kudo in color 53. She's currently finishing up the sleeves for it as I write this. :)

This is such a neat yarn!

 Mom is currently reading Summer of Fire by Linda Jacobs. This was a recent free download for the Nook. She says it is excellent.

Sadly, I don't have much to report on the knitting front myself. I finished my personal project, a cover for my Nook cover that has gotten dirty. This is what I was using the Quince & Co. Winesap yarn for. I also felted a little flower from some scrap pink to put on the front. It's all done (actually, I might felt it again). As for the Surya shawl for my stepsister, I was moving along nicely and somewhere made a mistake while I was watching 12 Angry Men (with Henry Fonda) the other day and messed up. I didn't realize until last night, so I pulled it all out to start again. I've got the first 16 rows underway once again.

Added to my school reading this week, is the Interweave Knits holiday issue I picked up yesterday. Imagine my excitement when I fell in love with a cable pattern they have in there and it uses Quince & Co. yarn Lark! This is the purple yarn that is to be a scarf for a friend and has been sitting in time out for over a week in the back of my car. I practically shot latte out my mouth at Mom when I found it. ;) So once I get the Surya under control again, I'll start working on the cabling. Mm I love cables!

I should mention that yesterday Mom and I went on a little adventure to Jackson, Michigan in search of a new yarn shop for us to dabble in. The Dropped Stitch is a wonderful little yarn shop with such an incredibly helpful shop owner. Mom was able to find all the patterns she was looking for, picked up the baby sweater pattern and the yarn, and I fell in love with a Cascade yarn and picked up two skeins for an unknown project (I'll get pics of it for next week). This is going to be a new semi-local yarn shop for us, I can tell! Oh did I mention that the shop owner showed me how to do the SSP stitch as a leftie? She was right, you practically have to stand on your head to do it. No thanks, I will just skip that little stitch in the future.

Last night we joined up with my mom-in-law at the local library for a weekly knitting group she had just joined. I don't think I will return, unfortunately. I want to knit with other people, but one particular woman was extremely critical of both my projects. She insisted the seafoam yarn I am using was not bamboo, despite me telling her it was bamboo and silk (she said it didn't feel like hers, and felt like a cheap cotton -- WHAT!?). Then when I finished my Nook cover she said I wasn't doing the stockinette stitch because my stitches were twisted. My Mom came to my defense (whew) and needless to say when Chase asked if we could go home because he was tired, we jumped at the chance to leave. It was not a helpful knitting group like I thought it would be, sadly.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is working on when I get home from welding tonight. Happy Wednesday!


  1. What?? I would not return to the knitting group either. Glad you are having fun with your mom....."hi mom!!!" Tell her I said "hi" :)

  2. Emily, I have dreamed of having someone to knit alongside with, but if knitting groups are like the one you attended I'll just continue to knit alone! I will never understand how people can be so ugly to one another. This world would be so much nicer if we all encourage each other! I know you are having a blast with your Mom there and from the pictures it looks like y'all are getting in some wonderful knitting time! xx

  3. who cares what you are knitting with? my friend knits with a group and they seem to get along great. i just cannot add another thing i leave the kids at home for these days, between beekeeping class and catching up with friends...time is limited! i love your mom's amethyst color yarn! totally my favorite color!


  4. Your Mom's purple sweater is beautiful! The nook cover looks great, though I agree with felting the flower again. Yay for wonderful semi-local yarn shop (I had a wonderful time in mine last night.)

    As to the knitting goon, who cares what she thinks, eco-bamboo is often less smooth than other bamboo (most bamboo is so processed it is basically rayon anyway!) if you are enjoying great. If you ever make it done my way you are welcome in our crafting circle. We let anyone, any craft join in. My hubby even practices his craft for us - cooking.

  5. Beautiful knitted projects, all of them! I can't believe the woman at the knitting group treated you like that. Wonder how the other people there get along with her...

  6. You make me very thankful for my knitting group. I say keep looking. How fun to have a knitting mom!

  7. Ah - what wonderful grace you showed - I am sure I would have started a riot! (I am working on that.....)

    Beautiful work by both of you. Glad your mom shared some of what she is working on.

    Prayers still happening here for you all..

  8. Oh, my gosh!! How sad that that woman is ruining that group! Sad. Sad.

    So glad you and your mom are having such a good time and enjoy knitting together! Sounds like the Slipped Stitch is a great little yarn shop! blessings ~ tanna

  9. What's up with that lady at your knitting group?!? Why such a negative nelly? Glad you're having some good times with your mama. She is one talented knitter!

  10. What fun to have your mom join in. It is so nice to share something like this. Was it your mom who taught you or someone else? Love both the turquoise projects. And we love the original 12 Angry Men. Such a good movie. People get to show intense anger and arguments without having to succumb to obscenities. I wish more modern movies would do this.

  11. i love this, you and your mom, knitting together. what beautiful memories you are making. i'm so sorry you had such a negative experiance with that woman. my mom would have told me she was jealous. i bet your knitting is just so pretty. i would find the women that support (and are kind) to you.

  12. @Swanski

    My mom says Hi :)

    I keep going back and forth on wanting to go back to that group. I think if I go back any time soon I might go with an attitude which would not be good for anyone. But I might go in a couple of weeks. We shall see!

  13. @Tracey

    Oh I am sure there are very great and fun knitting groups out there. This was just the worst experience I have had knitting in public. The particular woman with the attitude is why I refuse to go to the LYS. It just is this nasty, stuck up attitude!

    Mom and I are definitely getting in lots of knitting time. She is bouncing around and finishing and starting so many projects this week!

  14. Exactly Jen! But that is typical of the yarn shop here -- it's very much a "the more expensive yarn you buy/use, the better knitter you are". It really drives me nuts!

    Mom told my favorite barista today that they should host a knitting group at the coffehouse. I may need to push this idea. :)

  15. @Julia

    My mom gifted me with the extra skein of the purple yarn she had. It's so warm. I have no idea what I am going to make with it (actually.. I just had a light bulb moment!).

    I would love to join your crafting circle. I think it is great even your husband joins in!

  16. @Proud Mama

    I'm glad you have a good knitting group! I'm going to keep looking, or maybe even form my own.

  17. @Karen

    If my Mom AND my MIL AND my son weren't there, I probably would have said something, LOL! I didn't want to be rude to my MIL because she invited us, and I didn't want to embarrass my Mom and I wanted to be a good example for Chase. Otherwise, I am sure I would have said something snide back to her (thankfully, my Mom did go into Mamma bear mode for me.. yay Mom!).

    Thank you for the prayers, Karen!

  18. @Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow

    Oh I loved that little yarn shop. I look forward to going back in the future. If it wasn't an hour away, I'd go for their knitting groups (but with winter around the corner, I don't want to make that drive). Ah well!

  19. @cpcable

    My Mom says thank you! I keep trying to pass off my projects to her ;) She's speeding along and making me look bad, lol!

  20. @Ellen

    I love having my Mom here! It's great to have someone to knit with nonstop. I actually taught myself to knit after years of my mom trying. I got the basics down and she has helped me with really hard steps.

    I really enjoyed 12 Angry Men. I may actually watch it again this week just because I enjoyed it so much. I think your reason for liking it is the same for me. Classic movies are wonderful!

  21. @Lori ann

    My Mom pretty much said the same thing -- she was looking for someone to pick on because she may have had issues with her own knitting. I felt intimidated by knitting in a group setting and she probably picked up on it.

  22. @Anke

    Thank you!

    I was under the impression that particular woman didn't really socialize with the other knitters. She was pretty negative toward everyone.