Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Today we join Ginny and all of the other great fiber artists in her weekly knitting and reading post. Stop by and join in the fun!

Mom is pleased to be joining in one more time before heading back to Indiana.

The purple toddler sweater she was working on last week? Done. (We realized after it had been gifted that we didn't get a picture of the finished project!) The little sweater for her teddy bear? Done.

Seamus the teddy modeling his new sweater for Sage.

Have I mentioned my Mom really, really likes the Optimistic yarn? So much so that she bought a skirt to wear with a potential sweater she is making herself? Well, she does and she has. We have been hounding both Jo-Ann's in the area to get enough skeins of the yarn (she's two short from what she needs) and she has started a sweater for herself. From Creative Knitting, she is using their Woven Ribs Pullover pattern. Mom is also making socks (something she hasn't done for thirty years she claims) for her stepmother. She found a pattern at the yarn store last week and picked out a pretty Deborah Norville yarn called Serenity.

Mom remembered why she doesn't like knitting socks. She hates turning the heel. This just so happens to be my favorite part of knitting socks so after she made a couple of failed attempts, I cast on a sample run and walked her through it. The heel is turned and she is well on her way again!

Me? Well, that poor Surya shawl has had quite a week. There was the day I foolishly left it out when I went to class and Jessica-4 decided to redecorate the upstairs with the yarn and unraveled about half of what I had. Then there was the day I managed to drop a stitch in the pattern and instead of going and picking it up, I frogged it. This is not a difficult pattern by any means, it's just having a rough start out of the gate.

Sage was willing to help with the re-knitting!

Where I am today.

I just started the third round of the pattern. I think I won't be knitting today (way too much on my plate), but I am looking forward to progressing further!

As for reading, Mom has finished reading The Gap and The Help. I have finished reading two chapters in my Communications class and Sociology class ;-) I haven't had a chance to get back into the book I was reading, but am hoping to do so in the next week. I have a stack of homework to do this week so I am sure. 

Hope everyone has an enjoyable Wednesday!


  1. Emily, don't you want to take a road trip south ? I am working on socks and the heel is my problem too! Karen from Swanski has offered to help and I am very thankful. Everytime I think of the heel my stomach flips!
    Love all the knitting going on there, especially the little sweater! xx

  2. The little sweater for the bear is so cute =) And I love that colourful rainbow yarn, how cheerful!
    Somehow I missed your Yarn Along post last week but I'm excited to see that you started the Surya shawl, yay! I dropped a stitch one time, too, or something else happened - I still don't know what the problem was. But I knitted back 2 rows to fix the mistake. That wasn't fun =/ Can't wait to see more of your version.

  3. How fun to have your mom join in ;)!! I hear you about rough starts. I had so many with mine that I have now permanently memorized the pattern, forever most likely. The surya shawl is so pretty, love the light blue!!

  4. My favourite part of sock knitting is the heel as well. Half way there! Love all the yarn that you two are using. Colours are gorgeous. I'm working on my first shawl and had a shaky start. I can't point a finger at the cat. I don't have one anymore. Maybe Jessica thought she was knitting too.

  5. I love that I get two updates on one blog! I hope you had a "talking to" with your adventurous knitting lover cat. Love the lacy project very much!

  6. I can see why your mom loves that yarn!! such beautiful colors! I'm still loving that shawl! Hope you have a great day! blessings ~ Tanna

  7. I also love turning the heel. It seems so magical. Sorry about the false starts with your shawl. Hoping for smooth shawl sailing this week for you.

  8. I love hearing about what your mom's working on/reading, too. Thanks, Emily, for sharing.

  9. I love that your mom is included in this yarn along! I went to the previous post to gaze at you two lovely knitters. What a blessing is relationship. Have a great week Emily. You too mom!!


  10. @Tracey

    I would willingly come down to help you! I am sure Karen will do an excellent job in assisting you. :)

    I copied that little sweater pattern. When I am done with all of my current projects, I will probably cast on and work on my own little one for fun.

  11. @FlauschiOhren

    I hate when a stitch gets dropped! I always just rip it out and start over (unless I am really, really close to finishing). I'm just not great at picking up dropped stitches.

    I do love this shawl. I know it will be gorgeous once finished :)

  12. @MJ

    Mom has been loving joining in and seeing what everyone is up to. If she was computer savvy, I know she'd be online seeing everyone on a regular basis :)

    I'm getting to the point where I have bits and pieces of this shawl pattern memorized!

  13. @Cheryl

    I secretly believe Jessica was a knitter in a past life and can't shake the habit. When my Mom and I are knitting her nose runs as she watches us. It's just too funny.

    When I knitted my first sock (my mom's Christmas stocking) she was quite concerned about me turning the heal, but I find it rather enjoyable.

  14. @Swanski

    Jess had many talkings to by me, Mom, and Chase about her yarn obsession. She laid off my yarn and then was seen dragging my Mom's sock monkey down the stairs. There is just no stopping her when she is determined!

    Mom is just cruising her way through all of her projects. She makes it all seem so easy!

  15. @Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow

    I really am loving this shawl pattern, too. I hope my stepsister enjoys it as much as I am in making it.

    My Mom has been working with some very gorgeous yarns as of late. I'm all about the color lately!

  16. @Jen

    I love being able to include her when she visits! She has enjoyed seeing what everyone is working on.

  17. @no spring chicken

    Thank you so much! Mom has been really enjoying her time getting to see and know all of you!

  18. I just love the photo of Sage helping with the knitting. So cute!! The teddy bear is a pretty cute model as well. :)

  19. Your little bear sweater is so cute and I love love that rainbow colored yarn!! Definitely need some of that *grin*. Happy knitting :)

  20. So many great colours!
    Teddy looks so cozy! I love that your mom is joining in - fun!

  21. Your Mom's sweater is very cheerful. Silly naughty kitty, you can't knit.

  22. @rosina {Rosy ~ Posy}

    Thank you! I love that multi-colored yarn a lot myself. It must be pretty popular around here because as fast as Jo-Ann's gets it in, it's gone!

  23. @house full of jays

    My Mom really enjoys being able to join in when she visits. She's always working on something neat.

  24. @Julia

    Thanks! Yeah, silly kitties. Only Agent doesn't seem to care about yarn. It's nice to snuggle in, but play with? No thanks.

  25. Doesn't it feel good to type "done" after a project! Way to go, both of you!