Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Today we join Ginny and all of the other great fiber artists in her weekly knitting and reading post. Stop by and join in the fun!

Look! I'm reading something not related to school! ;-)

I had big plans when I went to Indianapolis for Mom's surgery last week. I had imagined getting so much knitting done on my Dad's sweater. *ahem* Little did I know that my brother would be quite interested in playing the game of Life on my Nook. We ended up playing multiple games (with different personalities and strategies to winning). So all in all I added about 6 1/2 rows post ribbing. Ah well! Spending time with my brother was well worth the delay in progress.

You see that little pink sheep on my books? Tanna had posted on her blog about Susan's "Pinky" ewe kit for Breast Cancer. I couldn't resist little Pinky. The kit was delivered over the weekend and I set forth Tuesday to make a Pinky for my Mom. What a fun little project and it's nice to have something completed to show off!

The reading material I had on hold at the library and picked up on Monday. I had dreamed a week earlier of dyeing socks with sweet potatoes and decided to look into dyeing. I'm actually not really impressed with this book. I am interested in food dyeing and this is chemical dyeing at most. The spinning book I glanced at very briefly (because I couldn't figure out how to put the cords back on -- Chase figured it out, however!) so I will need to look at it more closely.

Since my wonderful Mom has blessed us with a few more days of visiting time, she is quite tickled to be able to join in once again. She finished the back to her sweater last week and has started the sleeves. She also decided while here to finish the match to the other sock. She had a rough spot at the heel again, but I walked her through it and had her do a few "drills" afterward to practice. She feels confident she'll be able to do this with no problem now.

My Mom is actually poaching knitting projects from other people! Okay, she'd like me to correct that and say she's taking on projects that have been farmed out to her. My friend Dale has passed on two wristlet orders to Mom, and Mom then took the sock yarn I have for Dale's socks (a Christmas present) to work on. Mom is looking for things to keep her busy since her surgeon refuses to let her go back to work until at least 4 weeks post-op (Mom was hoping to go back after 2 -- silly Mom!). So she's looking for things to keep her busy.

I should have pictures of the two sweaters she finished when she first got here (Steve and Chase's Christmas presents) posted next week.

Now on to the give-away! First let me say thank you to everyone who showed an interest. Chase has been quite excited about this (and disappointed that we're not doing a give-away weekly). I will respond to all posts from last Wednesday late tonight (I've just been busy this week, sorry!).

Everyone's name was written on a heart and put in a lovely pink ribbon hair cover.

Chase shook them, and pulled...

(he had gotten something in his eye while fixing a lock and was Pop-eyeish for this shot)

Congratulations to Julia on the stitch marker drawing! I'll be in contact with you in the next 24 hours so we can get this mailed!

Thanks again, everyone, and happy Wednesday!


  1. Emily,

    I wanted to drop by and see how you and Chase were doing...your mom looks great!! I am still keeping her in my prayers. I feel bad that I didn't enter your

    Blessings to you,


  2. Love your striped projects. Such good colors. Hope your mom is on the mend soon. Keeping busy knitting does help.

  3. Emily, sorry the book was such a dud ,the sock knitting book by the same company is a great one. Love all the knitting projects and I now want to make a pinky of my own:)
    Glad your mom is doing well and knitting away on her socks. Y'all just need to come south and we can have a sock knitting group!xx

  4. I am also quite interested in food dyeing lately. I just need to order some yarn. I am thinking of black beans first. My hurdle is figuring out what I want to make from my dyed yarn so I have the right quantity of yarn. Glad mom is on the mend and raring to go.

  5. All your and your mom's projects are lovely :) Pinkie is adorable.

  6. I am amazed you got any knitting done while with family. I barely squeeze two rows in when I am yakking away. Lovely projects!!

  7. Love the little pink ewe, and your mum's socks are great! And glad you could provide her with something to keep her entertained whilst she's recovering

  8. Those socks look adorable. Pinkie is a cute idea. So nice to finish a quick project. How did I miss your giveaway!

  9. So much to say! First, glad your Mom is doing well! Second, knitting is a passion for me, but I would ALWAYS opt for a visit with my brother over it--you did good! Third, glad Pinky turned out so nicely. It's always such a pleasure to unexpectedly come upon one of my designs and see it knitted by someone else! Finally, thanks for visiting Buttermilk Cottage and becoming a follower. Please come back often and visit. I'm off you join your site!

  10. @Knitters Notebook

    Hello Renee! I have been thinking of you a lot lately. So glad you stopped by. We're all doing well here. I'll be popping over to your spot today. :)

  11. @Ellen

    Mom is digging a lot of color and striping lately. She's really loving the sock yarn she's using.

  12. @Tracey

    Mom is all for a trip down south for a sock knitting group! :)

    The book does offer a lot of helpful tips, but I would prefer to try and dye with natural items. I have collected a container of walnuts I have drying and would like to use them.

  13. @Proud Mama

    Oh I hadn't even thought of black beans! Ah see, the possibilities are endless! But I am the same way. I need to have a purpose for the yarn to be dyed a certain color and I am not sure what it would used for.

  14. @*kate

    I love that little lamb! He's just so cute.

  15. @Swanski

    Oh I'm pretty much the same way, Karen! Tuesday I dedicated my afternoon with Mom to knitting and lattes. She had started her sock Sunday and just kept on going (and alternating between sweater sleeves).

  16. @GirlAnachronismE

    Thanks! I really like the sock yarn my Mom is using, too.

  17. @Cheryl

    Yep, I think the little ewe was a great idea/project!

    Don't worry, Chase really liked having a giveaway so we're going to do it again in a few weeks.

  18. @Days at Buttermilk Cottage

    Hello Susan! Thank you for the Pinky kit. My Mom absolutely loves her little ewe.

    I would always opt to visit with family, but my brother and I have a strained relationship as of late, so I wasn't sure what to expect during my Mom's surgery. Thankfully he was the big brother I remember and the visit was quite pleasant.

    Don't you worry.. I'll be visiting often. I meant to join last week, but we were busy, busy, busy here!

  19. it's so good to hear all went well with mom, and now she's back to knitting. and such lovely knitting it is. i would have done the same with my brother emily (i think mine thinks i knit too much as it is, hee hee).
    chase makes a very fine helper. :)

  20. Hiya, I know I've already commented, but you asked about my pizza recipe, so just to let you know I've posted it here:

    If there's anything you need clarification on, just let me know. And I hope you friend enjoys it!