Thursday, November 17, 2011

Change is in the air.

Coffee and wristers: A good way to warm up in the morning.

They have been talking flurries all day today. A handful of friends about an hour north of me have been complaining about the flakes. Chase says he saw some on the way home. I have yet to see any (and therefore they must not exist!), but it certainly is chilly outside today.

My favorite barista has felt neglected as of late so I spent an hour at the coffeehouse this morning knitting and warming up for the day. Yes, in the corner of that image up there is my Dad's sweater. I dragged it out to work on while I was out and about today because my other projects involved too much attention and I was in need of mindless knitting. My mind needed time to relax, focus, and just be.

After another round of invasive testing yesterday morning, another cause for our infertility has been checked off from Steve's and my list. It's not bad news, it's not good news. It's just.. there. It does, however, leave us extremely optimistic. We're still praying. More testing is scheduled for December 14th. I think with those results, we'll ultimately know where we stand. Until then, it is business as usual in that department.

I've emailed my adviser on campus because she mentioned previously possibly switching to a criminal justice degree (which offers far more flexibility schedule wise) and would like to know more about it. I could then work on my Masters in their Family Life/Social Services program. I'm hoping that this will work out for me.

And to add more flavor to the stew, I have another job interview scheduled for Monday morning. It's working in the court system, just like the potential job, but the difference is that it would be at the courthouse a block away from our home (I can see the building from here!). I am extremely excited about this opportunity. I've already started dreaming about walking to work everyday and how this would be really good for us. It's also nice to know that I may, just may, have two possible options. I'm looking forward to the interview, and discussing with them up front about my education, etc. As much as I need to be working, I can't just give up going to school either. I hope I'm not putting too much into this job when the interview hasn't even happened.

Last night I was working on the socks for my Mom (which I had foolishly taken with me to the hospital during the day to work on) and realized I had made a mistake about seven rows down. I decided to frog the entire sock. It really is okay. I had made a couple of mistakes early on, but figured I would adjust the matching sock. This weekend I will be picking up another set of size 1s so I can knit them both at the same time. I really do love the idea of doing this! I'll also be picking up that replacement set of size 9s, too. Progress!

So last night and today I have been working on the Surya shawl for my stepsister. I haven't worked on this in what seems like ages and I am excited to be working on it again. I'm remaining optimistic that I just may have a finished project to show next week. *crosses fingers*

I also felted my Nook cover again, by hand, and it went extremely well. I have a handful of other items to felt and am looking forward to it. I don't know if I will do it at home again, or if I might meet Dale at the laundromat and use one of their top loading washing machines. I suppose it depends on how big the project is, right?

For now I am sitting by the fire, sipping cinnamon vanilla tea, and enjoying the warmth and the delicious smell of the chicken and dumplings that are doing their thing on the stove. Tonight is going to be a night of snuggling fireside, sipping tea, and more knitting. Sounds like heaven, yes?

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday.


  1. Winter sounds like it is creeping up on you. Aggravating about frogging the sock. When it happens to me, I have to put it aside for a while. Until I forget!

    Keep warm.

  2. Well just rub it in Emily :)!
    I am not sure how I ended up in the south when I love winter so much...oh, I married a southener!
    Happy knitting by the fire and my fingers are crossed for the job!

  3. It sounds like so many things are falling into place. Such a good place to be.

  4. @Cheryl

    Oh flurries are no big deal here! I'll worry when there is two feet of snow on the ground :)

    I'm okay with frogging the sock. It'll all work out better in the end. But yes, I am putting it on hold for a few days, my hands have to recover from those tiny dpns!

  5. @Tracey

    Haha sorry! That was the downfall for me (and Chase) when we lived in SC. We're snow babies! You're always welcome to come and visit us!

    Thank you!

  6. @Proud Mama

    I fully agree! It's definitely giving me more room to breathe.

  7. My fingers (and toes) are crossed you get the job of your dreams! You are mighty productive these days. I would love to sit and knit with you in a coffee shop :D

  8. @Swanski

    Thank you! I don't feel as productive knitting wise as I'd like. I'm hoping that improves this week.

    I'd love to knit with you in a coffee house! :) It's one of my favorite places to be.

  9. You are one busy lady! Best of luck on the job prospect...if it was meant to be, it will be. :)

  10. @cpcable

    Thank you! I know that whatever happens will happen for a reason and I am looking forward to the future! :)

  11. Fingers crossed for you on so many levels! My course work increased exponentially this week. I think she heard me say there was not a lot of work. Sign me up for the coffee house knit-in.

  12. @Julia

    End of the semester, workloads always pick up! I tend to ignore them until the last minute. ;)

    Good luck with everything you have going on, Julia! I'll be emailing you shortly.