Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Today we join Ginny and all of the other great fiber artists in her weekly knitting and reading post. Stop by and join in the fun!

Okay.. so it's really Tuesday evening, but Mom wanted to make sure we both could participate this week and seeing as we're getting up at 2:30am on Wednesday morning to get back to Indianapolis... well, we're just going to be a smidge early.

Look! A book! 

Okay, so the book I read this past week was actually for one of my classes. My assignment was to read a self-help book and write a brief paper about it and how I could use it in my own life. I actually checked out four books by Meg Meeker, but I thought Boys Should Be Boys would be the best to start reading first. It's a pretty good read, and I have to say I am quite relieved that many of the suggestions in there I already am following when it comes to Chase. She stresses the importance to get outside, get playing, and leave the electronics alone. Done and done! What did I take away from it? Well, I am definitely going to put in more of an effort to spend time with Chase and make sure Steve does, too.

I was hoping to have sock #1 completed by today, but it's midterm week and I had three tests and another part of a research paper all due by Sunday night. Ah well! I'm past the heel turning, and the decrease shortly after so now it's just la la la knitting until the toes! Maybe this weekend it will be done?

And because I am in need of instant gratification right now when it comes to my projects, I thumbed through Mom's copy of Vampire Knits and fell in love with the Sangria bracelet. Unfortunately my pictures tonight aren't the greatest (bad lighting in every room of this house!) so you can't see just how lovely red this bracelet is. This is actually the second one I made today. This one is going to my Mom's friend while the first one makes quite a nice collar on Sage (he was sleeping at the time I was looking to take pictures or else he'd be my model). At first I tried crocheting it with the hook and thread that it suggested, but DMC floss split too easily and the hook was too large. I changed it to crochet thread and 1.5 mm sized hook and it has worked MUCH better.

(Again, I apologize for the not so great pictures this week!)

Dexter modeling his new sweater!

Since Mom finished her sweater last week, and having no huge projects to keep her busy, she started working on a fisherman's knit sweater for the teddy bears. She converted her baby sweater pattern down to bear size.  Dexter got to be the model and therefore received the first completed sweater (he's quite the happy bear now!). Those wristers next to him are just one pair of three she has also completed this week (the other two have been mailed off to their recipients). She had a lot of the Optimistic yarn leftover from her sweater, so she's using it up on wristers.
Another teddy bear sweater and one of Mom's reads this week.

This is actually a very nice shade of burgundy yarn that is being turned into a sweater for a teddy bear (there will be at least two made out of this color). I really wish I had been able to get a better picture! I received the traveling copy of How to Knit a Love Song from Karen over the weekend (thank you!) so Mom snagged it for her reading enjoyment while I was focusing on school work. She says that she loved the book and wants to make the sweater in the back. Hmm, guess when I get back from Indianapolis, I better catch up! :)

Socks! More socks!
Finally, here is a picture of the socks that I farmed out to my Mom to knit for me. After seeing that Tracey is knitting socks in pairs, Mom thought that was a great idea and decided to try it herself. Thanks so much for the tip, Tracey! Mom is pleased to say she has just turned the heels on both of the socks and is relieved that it is becoming easier and easier the more she knits them (she's trying to take the socks on my to-do list for Chase as a project for her, but I am not giving them up!).

So that is about it for us. I'll be linking this with Ginny when I get home tomorrow night, but as it is after 9, Mom is rushing me off the lap top and off to bed. Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Happy knitting!


  1. Have a safe drive. Oh, and wonderful knitting as well as crocheting!

  2. what lovely knitting emily and mom! so many pretty things, i can tell how beautiful your bracelet in the light. and the socks, two at once are so great. tracey is going to be so pleased, she is such an amazing knitter after only one year.
    i loved your weekend and best of luck to you too emily, drive safe. lori xoxo

  3. You and your mom probably have knitting sparks coming off of those needles! Each project is lovely.

  4. Oh, I love the bracelet so much! I really need to learn how to crochet so I can make pretties like that. Good luck on all the exams and stuff! Hope you've had a safe drive to Indy. No need to apologize for the photos...look at mine! (lol)

  5. You know Emily, I feel like your mom just arrived and now you have taken her back. I will miss her and hope she returns soon. Hey, you should tell her to blog!
    Glad the knitting tip has been a success. I know it helps me, especially when I have 3 1/2 inches of ribbing to do one each sock-it makes me get it done!

  6. Oooo, I love red. That bracelet looks beautiful. And those teddy bear sweaters are so sweet!
    Hope the early morning went well. Sheesh, 2:30am?!

  7. Emily, your household always has so many good things going on!! Good stuff. blessings ~ tanna

  8. @Proud Mama

    Thank you! The drive was interesting (rain in the morning, wind in the afternoon). But all is well.

  9. @Swanski

    Haha thank you! I think Mom may have sparks. She just never stops going!

  10. @rainblissed

    The bracelet was really easy to make! You should try!

  11. @Tracey

    I know! I'm looking forward to when she moves in with us for good. Then I will get her blogging! She's been enjoying seeing what everyone is up to. She is going to try and yarn-along with us and have my brother send pictures of her work for me to post with mine.

    When I work on Chase's socks I'm going to knit both at the same time. Mom is really loving this!

  12. @house full of jays

    Early morning appointment! The drive was not too bad. Mom and I chatted almost non-stop.

    Red is my all-time favorite color!

  13. I have looked at the vampire knits book. Several things in my eventually pile.

  14. @Julia

    Oh yes, I have seen many things in there that I really like. I like them so much I can forgive the fact they're Twilight themed. ;-)

  15. Great knitting going on this week. I love the scaled down fisherman's sweaters for the bears, I wish I could scale things up or down =P And quick gratification projects are the best, I love the bracelets

  16. @GirlAnachronismE

    I wish I could scale patterns down, too. I'm talking to my Mom right now about a pattern that I'd like to use on something else and she acts like it's no big deal. It just makes my head hurt! ;)