Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Good morning and happy Wednesday to everyone! Today we join Ginny and all of the other great fiber artists in her weekly knitting and reading post. So what are you reading and what are you knitting? Stop by and join in the fun!

My Mom decided to practice using her phone camera yesterday (great job Mom!) and took pictures of her goodies from the last week.  I should mention the gingerbread pattern pieces in the background are a pair of jammies for me (gosh I am spoiled) and a pillow for Mom. She just happened to whip those up yesterday (two hours! she did them in two hours.. it's taking me two-plus days to make an apron).

Such a cute teddy bear!

(She forgot the socks in her first picture, then her book.)

Last time Mom and I spoke last night, those little pink wristers were completed and Mom is officially out of projects to work on! She said she has no idea what she is going to work on right now (hmm.. I could send her my projects, lol!). The small wristers are the last of the gifts for friends of ours. There is a larger pair for David at the coffeehouse. The teddy sweaters are all done and will be on their way to their recipients this weekend. And those socks? Those are the socks that Mom knitted for Dale for Christmas. I think Mom needs more sock projects!

Reading-wise, I'll have to ask her what she read this past week. I completely forgot to ask her last night! :)

My weekly contribution. :-)
I had a light reading week. I do have two more books out from the library so I really need to get started on those, but after Thanksgiving, I was working on a project for my weather class in my free time. I really love the Creative Knitting magazine because they cater more toward the plus-sized gal. I found the sweater I wish for my Mom to make me for next year (and she loves it herself..hmm), plus a ton of ideas for things out of the Interweave Knits magazine I'd like to start in the new year. I really need to work on using up my stash yarn first, though.

After finishing the Surya I didn't know what to work on. I was still on the desperate hunt for yarn for my stepmom's present, and I knew I should be working on the sleeves for my Dad's sweater (I'm just not in love with this part of the project). I decided I needed to make something for myself using the Cascade 220 Heather (9563) yarn I picked up at the not so local yarn shop when Mom was here in October. I decided I wanted a hat (to start) and finally decided on this pattern Monday. That was the fourth pattern I had attempted since Saturday afternoon. The other test patterns were find, but they weren't exactly what I wanted at the time. I hope to have this finished tonight! Then when this is done, I'll start on the sleeves. Promise!

Happy Wednesday and happy knitting!


  1. What fun--a family post!!! Love all the elfing that been going on at your households. Your Surya is looking beautiful!

  2. I love that both you and your mom share each week :)
    And I can't wait to see your hat!

  3. I have a pair of socks I'm working on for my daughter, they are on size 0 needles in that fun balloon yarn. I have only cast on one so far and made it just past the ribbing...if your mom needs something to work on I'll send her the other one :)!
    Ok, did you start the sleeves?

  4. Cascade 220! Yipee! My LYS does not carry it either, I have to visit my sister to snag some or order online. Say hi to mom for me!!

  5. So good to hear from you both. Your mom is quite busy. That hat is very cute.

  6. Wow what a lot of projects. I love reading your yarnalongs, always filled with family crafting and love. xx

  7. Love that both you and your Mum are joining in :) Sounds like the crafty gene runs in the family ;)
    Love your stuff-I have been making things for me recently too :)

  8. Your mom is gooood, you lucky girl. LOVE the Cloche hat pattern, thanks for sharing it as I added it to my queue that doesn't shrink :).

  9. gingerbread jammys?! oh you are SO lucky, i love your mom. it's always fun to hear what the two of you are up to and well done on the cell phone photos mom! lovely knits too.

    and emily, my sister LOVED the stitch markers and even though she is not a knitter (yet anyway, hee he) i gave her one to keep. it's just a lovely thing to have and means so much to her, so thank you to you and your mom again!

  10. @steph

    Thanks! Since Mom doesn't have a computer, and she loves to see what everyone is working on when she is visiting me, she likes to join in from afar. :)

  11. @*kate

    Thanks! My hat turned out nice! I will get pics this week. :)

  12. @Tracey

    Haha Tracey! I told Mom about you knitting socks on size 0 and I could hear her cringe over the phone! So tiny!

    Err.. no.. the sleeves still haven't been started.

  13. @Swanski

    I think that Cascade 220 is like hidden gold. You really have to hunt for it at yarn shops. I just love it so much, I don't know why more yarn shops won't keep it in stock!

  14. @Proud Mama

    Oh she is always busy. I gave her another wrister project to keep her entertained for a day. ;)

  15. @Rachel Proffitt

    Sometimes I think you just need to make something for yourself. Everyone asks if the things I've been wearing lately I made, and I have to say "Nope.. my Mom made it all!".

  16. @MJ

    Tee hee thank you! And you're welcome about the pattern. I'm wearing my cloche right now (because it's ever so stylish with jammies).

  17. @Lori ann

    Yes I am so excited! I realized I just don't have enough flannel jammies (okay, I do, but I've had a couple pairs for 8 years and they are falling apart) and who can resist gingerbread men! :)

    I'm so glad your sister loved the stitch marker. Now you need to get her knitting! :)