Sunday, December 11, 2011

From this, to this.. Holiday edition!

Chase and I are getting on the ball (okay, we're a few days later than planned) getting the rest of the decorations up. I have little motivation to go outside and put lights up when it's 23 degrees out (Chase, however, was quite motivated to be outside doing "manly" things).

For now, I'll share our indoor pictures because I haven't plugged in the outdoor lights and am instead cowering inside where it is warm and toasty. ;-)

An empty corner in our living room went from this...

(I had to send all of my cookbooks to the office!)

To this..

(oops, I left my drill out!)
Chase made the paper chain garland when he was out on the farm last weekend.

Our fireplace went from this...

To this... 

(Sorry.. so much sunshine today!)

My Mom made every stocking up there, save for the teal one, which I knitted for her (it was the second item I ever knitted). My stocking is still my original stocking. :-) And yes, the pets each have their own stocking.

How about some close-ups? 

My Madonna and Child. I fell in love with this piece of art two years ago at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. The artist, Joel Zaretsky, is out of New York and this is "painted" using a paint with metallic pigments (copolymer) and is dripped on to canvas. This piece was originally commissioned for a church, but they didn't like it because the Holy Mother was showing too much breast. Their loss, my gain!

Our Nativity. Back in the day when Chase and I were our own family unit, we had the Fisher Price Nativity set (which he still has in his room). When Steve and I were married, I decided it was time for a "grown up" Nativity. We both fell in love with the simple, rustic feel to this set. 

Mom's stocking! I used wonderful Cascade 220 yarn for this and it felted so wonderfully. 

The human stockings.

Yep, here are the human stockings. And yes, you do see a Lego set on Chase's stocking holder. :-)

The fuzzies.
Mom cross-stitched the stockings. She was so funny this year because she had no new stockings to make (I did say I could use a larger one that was at least three feet long, but I don't think she took me seriously). 

Now that there is a bit more of the holiday cheer indoors, I suppose it's time to go finish the outdoors.



  1. oh how fun! i love the before and after, christmas is the best to decorate for. your tree is beautiful and oh how i remember those paper (count down) chains my own children used to make.
    maybe you could have some hot cocoa waiting for you when you finish the outside! bundle up!

  2. @Lori ann

    Thank you! I love decorating for this time of year, too, I just still can't find some of my things from when we moved three years ago. Hmm..

    I opted to wait until later this week when we'll get above freezing to finish up. Or, when Steve gets home I'll ask him nicely. :)

  3. Gosh your tree is spectacular! You guys did such a great job. BTW we have a stocking for Frodo!!

  4. Lovely decorating - your tree is beautiful. i wondered for a minute when you said 23 deg - then i realised you meant Fahrenheit - not Celsius - lol.
    I received my gorgeous stitch holders on Saturday - they are just lovely. I have had to hide them from james, but I suspect if they every go missing they might be found in his secret treasure box :) Thank you so much. xxx

  5. What a wonderful idea to do before and after shots!
    23 degrees? You lucky duck you! :)
    I love your Madonna and Child picture!!! Do you leave it up all year or just for the holiday?

  6. I love the homemade stockings! I giggled about your wanting the 3 ft long stocking--I knit our son-in-law- to-be a stocking (now 11 years ago)--grabbed what yarn I had around the house and a pattern (who cares about gauge for a stocking!) and it grew and grew--and is literally 3+ feet long. HE LOVES IT!!! And I get to fill it every year! (He usually gets paper towels--among other things!!!!)

  7. You have the best tree ever! It has so much personality!! And the crossstitched stockings are lovely too ;). I just love how a house transforms during Christmastime. I always wish it could feel this cozy and warm all year around!

  8. @Swanski

    Every pet should have a stocking! :) My Mom has religiously made every pet in our family a stocking for as long as I can remember.

  9. @The Barefoot Crofter

    Oh I am so glad you received the stitch markers! Mom says James is so adorable, she'd love to give him a nice hug.

    Thank you.. I love decorating!

  10. @Tracey

    Thank you Tracey!

    The Madonna & Child is a permanent fixture above the fireplace. I just love it so much.

  11. @steph

    Hahaha!!! That is so funny Steph!

  12. @MJ

    Thank you, MJ! There is definitely no pattern, no real collection or focus in my decorating. It's funny because my Mom commented last night that I don't have many snowman ornaments (I love snowmen) on my tree and I actually have five! It's really whatever catches my eye (or my family).

    I definitely wish my home was this warm and cozy all year. Maybe I should do more decorating (gosh, I am still unpacking!).