Sunday, December 4, 2011

I feel like I have been a bad friend this past week. I'm not quite sure why I haven't been as attentive as I usually have been, but I do apologize for it. I've been reading how everyone has been doing, and I've wanted to post and respond, but I just .. I don't know. Again, I am truly sorry.

First and foremost, the stitch markers were mailed off Thursday afternoon. I know I had planned on getting them out earlier than that, but I kept forgetting them at home when I took Chase to school.

I think part of the problem was that I was fighting a migraine all week. I felt it churning Tuesday morning, but it wasn't enough to take anything. It finally came to blows on Thursday. By the time I got home from a few quick errands, I took my migraine meds and put myself to bed. I really dislike laying down when I take those meds. When I wake up, yes I feel better, but it's so hard to feel normal. I struggled for the evening of Thursday and finally felt good Friday morning. The worst part is it bounced back at full force Saturday morning! That time I took the meds and I stayed up and knitted (which I hadn't touched since Wednesday). Migraine went away and I finished my cloche, not to mention the fact that I didn't have to deal with the groggy post-migraine side effects. I'm planning on seeing my doc in the next week or so and discussing this with her again. The meds work, but I really am not pleased with the side effects.

Sadly I know I've been busy this week, and yet I am not quite sure with what exactly. I know I've been working on school stuff (always), and I made bread and started to work on Chase's apron (which still needs to be finished), but other than that.. I am not sure what has been keeping me occupied (especially since my knitting was put on hold). There was also a scout pack meeting (goodness.. this is going to be a busy month!), and a visit with a good friend, and lunch out with Steve (we spent over two hours chatting!).

I do have some pictures I managed to snap during the week to show what has been going on.

Thursday while I waited for the antique store to open, I decided to nurse my migraine at the coffee house. Oh they had the most fabulous pumpkin muffins! So good. And, I guess I did get some knitting in on my Dad's sweater, too.
A week ago at the antique store down the street, I saw these little gems in a display case and immediately thought of my Gram. I remember she had a village on her mantle. I snapped a picture and sent it to my Dad who was so excited to see them. He says one of his earliest memories of Christmas involved a little village. So Steve and I decided we needed to pick these up for him. In case you haven't seen these before, they have a little hole in the back to go on a string of lights and they are made out of cardboard! They're so delicate and so precious. My Dad is thrilled.
Friday after Chase got home from school, we went to pick our Christmas tree out. Steve's family has been getting a tree from Flatsnoot's for over thirty years. It's a wonderful family tradition. Flatsnoot's comes down from Mesick, Michigan the week of Thanksgiving and sets up shop in Ann Arbor.  The day Chase and I saw the German flag painted air stream, we squealed with delight.

Duke, the father of the brood, remembers everyone and everything about them. I wish I had gotten pictures inside the air stream. There are all sorts of lights strung about. Chase said there was a new set of a wolf howling at the moon (I still think the flamingos are my favorite). Oh and while you're inside paying for your tree, you also get to have a small hot toddy *ahem*.
Chase disappeared into a forest of Christmas trees. It had to be a certain height, and a specific width. We wanted a nice big, full-figured tree. And we found it (if you couldn't tell by Chase's thrilled expression!).

Today was a family day. We went to the Potter's Guild sale in Ann Arbor today. Sadly my ceramics mentor was not at the sale (gosh I miss her so!), but I did pick up a replacement mug for the one that was broken in May. I am so thrilled beyond belief! After the pottery sale, we ran errands, and then attended the Country Christmas at Cobblestone Farm. Chase helped out with the crafts and made a massive paper chain for our tree.
And now that the tree is decorated, Chase is in bed, and things are quiet again in the house, I am going to sit down with a cup of coffee, a piece of tiger butter, and work on my knitting. I'll be catching up on how everyone has been tomorrow!

I love this mug. Love. Love. Love.

Hope everyone is doing well!



  1. That was ONE BUSY WEEK!!! And with a migraine on top of it all--I personally think you must be some kind of wonder woman!

  2. oh emily, you poor thing, i hope you do get those migraine meds sorted with your doctor. there must be something that doesn't give you such side effects.
    please don't apologize, you have been busy living and minus the headache everything looks and sounds wonderful in your life.
    i would love to sit and knit with you and eat yummy pumpkin muffins.

    and thank you SO much for the package. LOVE.

  3. @steph

    Aw thanks Steph! I just feel like I should have gotten more done this past week. I had plans! I just.. didn't get to many of them.

  4. @Lori ann

    Thanks Lori Ann! Per my insurance, I had to try this medicine first before they would allow a script for the stuff I have used in the past (which now comes in shot form??). This week will be better!

    Oh I am so glad you got them! I had read your comment about giving your sister one of the pink ribbon markers.. how sweet!!

  5. That is such a busy busy week! Thank you for the stitch markers :) They truly brighten my day and made me happy. I remember those houses you picked up. I think everyone had one of them in the late sixties-a little beat up though! I hope your migraines go away!!

  6. Don't feel badly, I was so busy with the dress of doom, I didn't write anything. I did read post while seam ripping however!!

    I read this and checked the mail box, I got my package too, they are both beautiful. Looking forward to starting the book tomorrow. Thank you so much.

  7. Emily, thank you for all your well wishes and am sending some your way too.
    I hope your week is a beautiful one.

  8. @Swanski

    Oh I am so glad you like them, Karen! :)

    It doesn't seem like last week was busy to me, though. I just felt like there was so much more I should have gotten done but didn't. Ah well, there is always this week!

    I hope my migraines get better, too. I think the weather is being a big part of this, and right now it just can't decide on being cold, or not.

  9. @Julia

    Hooray! So glad everything arrived. :) I knew you were super duper busy as of late. We need to catch up with each other when we can.

  10. I can't wait to see the end product with the sweater!