Thursday, December 8, 2011

Playing catch-up

Time is flying and I am doing my best to keep up. Every day this week we have had some sort of activity going on outside of the home and I don't foresee a break coming before Sunday. Chase has a lot of Scout activities over the next couple of weeks, plus Steve has two concerts (one was Tuesday), and finally I have the rest of the semester coming to an end. I'm done with one class, a little behind in another, and at the finals part in the other two.

My knitting is coming along quite nicely. I will be posting my yarn-along post later today. Mom's knitting is coming along nicely, too. ;)

Oh, I should also mention a trip to the vet on Tuesday for a sick kitty. Jessica-4 has a UTI (and crystals in her urine) and is on medication for the next three weeks. Nothing says "morning fun" like holding down a cat and forcing medicine. She may be small, but she is extremely feisty (she is the only one I am afraid would bite me).

Tonight will be a late night with a Scout activity, and an extremely early morning tomorrow when Chase and I take a friend to the airport around five am. I hope things smooth out come Sunday.

For now, I leave you with Sage snoozing by the Christmas tree (because, really, why would the tree skirt actually stay on the tree for more than an hour?).


  1. Emily, I hope you find a few minutes in your day to just breathe and maybe enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Good luck on the finals and I hope your kitty is well soon.
    Please tell your Mom I said Hello, I was thinking about her this morning:)

  2. Wow you are a busy lady! I hope you can find some time to knit and relax. Say Hi to mom!!!!

  3. Ditto what Tracey said (she is very wise!). I hope the flurry of activity slows a bit so you can enjoy it. Good luck with the finals

  4. I need a nap--just reading about your life!!!

  5. that sounds like so much going on emily, i hope you find a moment to just sit and do nothing. good luck with your classes and your little kitty.

    (i love my stitch markers!)

  6. Sage seems to be related to our cat Nolie! She has claimed the same spot as her own... I'm not sure what she'll do when I have the presents ready.

    I just saw the little house light covers on your previous post. I collect the houses too. I only have a few that have the holes for the lights but I've been collecting for years and have a nice little village!

    Blessings, Debbie