Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Joining in with Ginny's yarn along a bit later today, but here we go!

On the sweater front, I am pleased to report that the body of the sweater is at 13 inches as of this morning. I am ready to start a new skein on the body, so I put it up for now. I started working on the first sleeve when Steve and I were on a little adventure yesterday. I'm passed the three inch cuff and steadily increasing my way up! I had a perfect plan for this sweater and that would be to have the body and the sleeves done and ready for the yoke. I'd wait until I was alone (Steve at work and Chase at school means no distractions), pour a nice big cup of coffee and put on It's a Wonderful Life and focus on my knitting. Time is counting down and this plan still may play out, but Mom might be here (and she is a welcome and delightful distraction).

Since I didn't participate last week, I'll provide an update on my "green" projects. I realized that while red is my favorite color, I tend to gravitate to a lot of green, too. The cloche I knitted was green (which, by the way, I washed one too many times while felting and turned it into small child size -- it is on the way to my goddaughter now -- sorry no pictures of it finished!). The clogs in the picture above are "celery" green (these are a gift for my stepmom). Overall I am pleased with the outcome of the clogs. They fit Chase's massive feet, so I am sure they will fit my stepmom nicely. I ordered the suede bottoms for them and am patiently waiting on delivery. I really wanted to use Cascade 220 yarn because it does felt so nicely (it didn't disappoint when I felted my cloche), but I was running out of time so I opted for Brown Sheep Lanaloft Worsted instead per the suggestion of someone at the LYS. I think another go in the wash would felt it the way I want it, but I am not running the risk of shrinking these anymore.  They look a little misshapen in this picture, but the one is actually still stuffed with plastic bags while the other lost the stuffing earlier this week.

I also decided no elaborate cat toys this year, but am making simple little knit balls for them instead. I made two that I took over to my cat-sitting charge to cheer him up, so there are only two left to display. The green striped is made with leftover cloche and clog yarn, and the green/blue is out of leftover Optimistic yarn. Mom is bringing me more scrap yarn next week, so I will make a few more toys. I know they will be received since a certain feline *ahem Jessica* has taken off with in progress toys already.

On the reading front, last week I read A Plain and Simple Christmas by Amy Clipston. I really do enjoy the Kauffman Amish Bakery Series and this book certainly didn't disappoint. This week I read Skipped Parts by Tim Sandlin. I had a hard time putting this book down. I looked forward to a few minutes of reading time so I could finish this story. It's raw, emotional, shocking, and sad. I was so excited to see the video of it was available instantly on Netflix and watched it this afternoon while wrapping presents. I am so glad I read the book first, because in typical Hollywood fashion, the movie was an absolute flop when it come to the story. I really wanted to stop watching because they either changed important parts or just left them out all together. I felt I had to finish it through just to see how it ended.

Mom is not participating this week because she was having issues sending me her pictures last night. She did want me to mention that she was almost done with the front of the baby sweater she is working on, thought she made a mistake, and ripped down to the ribbing, only to realize she hadn't made a mistake. Have no fear, Mom will be here next Monday and will be participating again!

So now I am going to go see what everyone else is working on and catch up. Happy knitting!


  1. All the projects look great! I admire your felting tenacity. It is a labor of love. You are really powering through your projects!!

  2. I love the clogs and now want to make a pair! I am not so sure I should be on this yarn along or my Christmas list will never get finished!
    Knitting and watching It's a Wonderful Life sounds perfect!
    I am grilling burgers because it feels like summer here!

  3. @Swanski

    Thanks Karen! I'm finally ready to work on the sweater full time now. Whew! But the stack of post-holiday projects is still growing!

  4. @Tracey

    I want to make a pair of the clogs for myself! They worked up nicely on size 13s and they look so comfy, too.

    I heard about the "heat wave" down there! It's cold and has been raining since last night. Blah!

    Enjoy your grilling!

  5. Love the felted projects. Clogs have been on and off my lists. I think they will be a post-holiday knit for me. Perhaps next year I will make all my nieces and nephews slippers. Perhaps...

  6. I love those clogs. Enjoy your knitting time. xxx

  7. @Proud Mama

    I like the basic of this clog and the option to do more. While I was making these I was dreaming up what I would do with a pair for myself.

    If you do make pairs for everyone else, start in the fall! ;)

  8. Oh, now those clogs are an interesting pattern!! I may have to investigate a pair of those for myself after the holiday fray settles! You are making wonderful progress! Merry Christmas!!

  9. I just love the idea that your mom sort of blogs along with you!! Look forward to "meeting" her!!!
    Great job on all the projects!!!! Love the felted slippers!!!

  10. Those books sound really interesting. I love the Amish fiction, too.

    I really need to make me some clogs. They look like so much fun to knit.

  11. @Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow

    Thank you Tanna! I am very pleased with how well these clogs turned out.

  12. @steph

    Thanks Steph! Mom has really been enjoying sharing my blog space with me.

  13. @Jen

    You'd love these clogs, Jen. It's a very easy pattern and they work up nicely.