Monday, January 9, 2012

The swing of things

When in Delaware, I debated heavily with myself about the upcoming (now current semester) and if I should really attend. I admit, it first started when my financial aid paperwork had been misfiled (an issue that was resolved and many various people involved apologized for it), but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to take a semester off to focus on my job hunt. I ran this idea by my parents and Steve and everyone was in support of me and my decision. My main thought was that if I were to apply, and interview, for a full time position it wouldn't be fair to tell them "Oh, yeah, I'm in class full time. I really can't work these hours." I'd rather work and put my time in then see if they would be willing to adjust my schedule so I could attend school (this never seems to be an issue). I've been actively applying to both full and part time positions, but the only interviews I have been going on have been for full time. So for me taking a break from school for a semester will help me better support my family in the long run.

I feel good about this decision and I officially withdrew for the semester this morning. I've been in touch with my entrance counselor, and also with a wonderful girl in the registar/financial aid department (who even sent me a link to a position they're going to have opening in a week!) and I feel confident that all will work out in the end.

It took me a few days to actually fall into the New Year groove. On January 2nd, one of my close friends repeatedly texted me about how excited he was for the New Year, how this year was going to be the best, and we were going to rule 2012. As much as his messages made me smile, my heart was not in it for a new beginning just yet. I finally got that kick in the rear I needed after I went on an interview Friday morning. I was nervous about this interview, mostly because I was still in a groggy post-train travel fog. I was afraid I wouldn't be on my A-game. I didn't need to worry so much. The interview was extremely relaxed and if I were to be offered one of the two open positions, I honestly feel I would be happy and would finally feel like I was making a positive difference in my community. I shall remain cautiously, and hopelessly, optimistic.

I am completely motivated now and am ready to take on the world! anything.

This past weekend, we all packed up the Christmas things and cleaned up the living room. Chase and I tackled our laundry from our vacation and got everything put away. In between the cleaning and re-claiming my living room, I did get a bit of knitting in and completed two projects.

I like the fact the pine cones on the shower curtain look like I have funky hair or earrings. ;) 

Rather pleased, isn't he?

So I finished up the Purl Ridge scarf for Gena and will be mailing it to her tomorrow. She has been so patient. I hope she likes it! Chase didn't want the fancy collar that this sweater pattern has called for, so I finished up the button bands yesterday morning and added the wooden buttons to it. I know the pattern is off, but Chase really likes the finished design (he says it reminds him of the emblem used for hurricanes on maps). This sweater should definitely fit him for a few years. And I am pleased to say I am already working on my next project!

All in all, the first week of January was slow to start for me, but I think I am finally on track again.

Happy Monday!


  1. I have been having a hard time getting into the new year swing myself. I am glad you came to a decision and are at peace with yourself, it's the only way to live.
    The knits are wonderful Emily. I love the cowl, but just seeing Chase in that sweater with such an awesome smile is the Best!

  2. You sound like you are in a good place! Good luck with your job hunting. Tell Chase he looks fantabulous!!!!!!

  3. The sweater is gorgeous. Gibe yourself two pats on the back! Glad you are figuring things out. Good luck!

  4. Yeah for finishing 2 projects! And an intricate color one at that. Sounds like you're at peace with your decision with schooling and job. What are you studying or getting your degree in?

  5. Well done for making a tough decision and planning ahead! And i love the sweat, especially the way it fastens, it looks great.

  6. I have my fingers and toes and all my curly hair crossed for good job hunting luck for you!!!! You knits are stunning--and obviously being appreciated!!! What a smile!

  7. Emily,
    I think the most important decision about school is that you are there because it is the right place for you to be right then. I am glad you have made a decision you know in the gut is right for you and your family right now and hope you find the position that is right for you. Chase looks so happy and proud in the sweater!!

  8. @Tracey

    That's exactly it. I'm at peace with my decision and I think it has cleared the dark cloud that was following me around for weeks.

    Thank you, Tracey! It feels good to be finishing up projects.

  9. @Swanski

    Thank you Karen!

    And Chase says "Thanks!", too.

  10. @Proud Mama

    Thanks Heather. I am really feeling good about my decisions.

  11. @Ellen

    Thank you, Ellen!

    Originally I was going to school and focusing on legal studies, but I really think I want to work more with people so I am changing to social work.

  12. @GirlAnachronismE

    The big deciding factor to make this sweater was the buttons on the side instead of straight down. It's so neat!

  13. @steph

    Hahaha Steph, thank you so much!

    I know.. I was shocked that he was so excited about this particular sweater. I love when he gets excited about my knitting.

  14. @Julia

    Thanks Julia. I feel really good about my decision and I am looking forward to going back after this semester. I just didn't need the heavy stress of trying to balance everything. Whew!