Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Yarn Along

Good afternoon and happy Wednesday, everyone! Today is another wonderful day full of knitting and reading. Joining up with Ginny...

I finished the socks for my Dad yesterday morning and blocked them in front of the fireplace last night. I haven't blocked socks before, but I thought these needed it. Of course since I didn't have sock blockers on hand, I did make a couple out of two wire coat hangers (Chase was  impressed). I have decided that if I am knitting on small needles (like for socks) I need to have a second project going on larger needles. My hands have been a little achy from the knitting of socks (and cat toys!).

Yes, cat toys. Mom has met a lovely lady when she goes for her daily radiation treatment that brings her mother to her daily treatment. This lady adopted two kittens over the holidays and Mom has been chatting to her about her babies. So Mom asked me over the weekend if I would whip up a few toys for these new kittens. Not a problem! I have four total completed, but I think my own deprived jealous babies have made off with them. Jessie and Sage both like to watch me when I'm finishing up one, pupils dilated, ever so hopeful that maybe, just maybe, I'll drop it for them. Silly felines, maybe this weekend (because, you know, they don't have enough rolling around the house..and lets not even talk about the gnomes, the mice toys, the zombies..ahem). Cat toys are a great way to use up scrap yarn.

The red ball of yarn is a skein of Quince & Co. in Peaks Ferry that will be used for Chase socks. I'm hoping to cast those on today at some point. The purple is a Bernat yarn that Chase and I picked out over the weekend for Gena's replacement scarf. This is a thicker yarn and therefore I have decided not to do the Purl Ridge like I did last time but go with a regular, cabled scarf. I'm trying out a couple of different patterns right now to see which one I prefer. Once I decide, I'll post the pattern of choice!

Finally, yarn-wise (and I am sorry it doesn't appear as gorgeous in this picture as it does on the website), my name was drawn on Springtree Road's Facebook page for a free skein of yarn. I love the Delicate Peach shade and had a project picked out for it long before the free skein giveaway. It truly is more beautiful in person. I might cast that project on in a few weeks -- there is no particular person it is for, just a Someday project.

In the evenings before bed I have been casually making my way through Knitting Under the Influence. It's a pretty laid back book and I am enjoying it. Not a whole lot of knitting in it (which is kind of surprising), but it's been a nice read so far. Do any of you ereader owners follow Cheap E-reads on Facebook (and their other pages Nook Jr. Nookguy, etc.)? I found this book when it was listed for 1.99 and decided to download it for kicks. Sometimes they have some really good books listed for cheap either for Nook or Kindle.

This morning Steve and I did some major running around and stopped at the bookstore. I figure it was time for a new order of knitting magazines to be in and I have gift cards dying to be used. All but one of the knitting magazines they had were old (still pushing Christmas knitting), but the Creative Knitting magazine (pictured) has a March 2012 date on it, so I had to pick it up. Yep, I have three projects in there I'd like to make! It never hurts to dream right?

I'm off now to see what everyone is up to this week and to get back to work on my own knitting.


  1. My cat would love a new cat toy great idea! What did you fill them with?

    Your socks look great....I really need to start that project up and socks..yikes!!


    1. I usually just fill them with poly-fill stuffing. A couple have hard candy wrappers in them for crinkling (like strawberry candy, or peppermint candy plastic), and one has a bell. I chose an inexpensive filling because they usually end up in a water dish after some serious playing and I like to be able to dry it quickly.

      You definitely need to start another pair of socks! :)

  2. Of course you must have at least a large needle project and a small needle project!!! (ergonomically correct!!!) (hee, hee--maybe just an excuse for casting on more projects!!!) Can't wait to hear you dad's reaction to the socks! Bet he's going to LOVE them!!!

    1. LOL exactly! I actually have a lot of projects I want to be knitting, and I am having a hard time telling myself not to cast on another right now (though I am more tempted to put off the socks to start something else).

      I better get my Dad's socks out to him this week! It's getting a bit chilly where he is. :)

  3. I think it's a great idea to have a larger project going at the same time as socks, at least that's what I do. :)
    Congratulations on your yarn win, that is a very pretty shade.
    I just dropped a card in the mail for a knitting magazine, it is so much easier for me to have it come to the house than for me to go looking for it [I only go to town once or twice a month.]
    Have fun knitting and please tell your mom I asked after her, I was thinking of her this morning.

  4. I was thinking of a couple of magazine subscriptions, but I do enjoy going to the bookstore and grabbing a stack to sit and finger walk through. But yes, in your case, having them delivered makes more sense. :)

    Oh thank you for thinking of Mom! I have a post I am working on to update on her status. She's doing really well and is counting down the days until her treatment is over. :)

  5. Congrats for winning some yarn, lucky you! I love that red yarn and it will be perfect for socks.

  6. I agree with a small and big project. I am making socks, but intersperse it with some sweater knitting. Otherwise my hands get angry!

  7. That is a great idea and totally an excuse at the same time, so it is perfect!!! I really should try to make a pair of socks this year. Maybe, but I will definitely be checking out he cheap ebooks.

  8. i love to go to the bookstore too emily, its always exciting when new magazines are in! congratulations on your win, i just won a giveaway too, i know just how you feel!! so exiting!
    happy knitting to you and your dear mom,
    xox lori

  9. Congratulations on the socks, they look really warm and comfy. And i love the red yarn, i love bright sock yarn