Monday, February 13, 2012


Weekending. My favorite part of the week. A time to relax, live, love and just be.

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Steve with Mom (2/10/12)
Our weekend began with Steve returning home from two days on a rush case down in Evansville, Indiana (a nine hour drive one-way!). On his way home, Steve decided to come back through Indiana and surprise Mom. It worked!

As Steve was approaching the Indiana/Michigan border, he ran into the winter weather that was heading across the state. Iced roads, sub-zero wind and blowing snow, forced Steve (after much pleading on my part) to pull off for the night 90 minutes from home (it took almost three hours for him to drive 90 miles at that point. Friends of ours graciously used some of their hotel points to put Steve up for the night (my friend's hubby drives a lot for his job, too, and they both were freaking out with me when they heard Steve was still trying to get home). Love my friends!

That "one inch of predicted snowfall" turned into the most we have gotten thus far totally 4.8 inches.

Saturday brought a surprise singing Valentine while dining out with the family (this is Steve's barbershop group). Fun!

Sunday was low key. There was a Scout event that Steve and Chase went to. I used a gift card from Steve and treated myself to a manicure!

Oh and there was knitting. Lots of knitting.


  1. How scary for all of you Emily, I am glad you have such wonderful friends and Steve was able to find shelter from the storm.
    The picture of Steve with your Mom is a true gift isn't it? Your Mom looks so beautiful! I am so thankful that prayers were answered.
    Have a lovely day with your family.

    1. Steve is very stubborn when it comes to his driving with work. I knew the weather was going to be questionable late in the evening, but he was coming into the state right in the middle. He would have driven home in the storm. Ugh! I told him next time before he continues on in risky weather to pull off and think long and hard! :)

      I love the picture of Steve and Mom. I miss her so much. She was so surprised and happy to see him.

  2. Replies
    1. Most definitely! Mom had me tell Steve's mom that she did a good job raising him. ;)