Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yarn Shop Love

(I just noticed Agent sitting Chase's laundry basket in the background)

Back when Mom and I visited the somewhat LYS in Jackson, Michigan, the owner had mentioned the yarn shop up in East Lansing as being fantastic. We didn’t get a chance to visit when Mom was here, but it has been on the back burner of my mind to scout it out for us. 

This past week as I was eyeballing yarns and patterns (and looking for local shops that carry particular yarns), I saw that Rae’s was on one of the lists. By Saturday I was ready to venture out in the world again, so the boys and I headed up to Lansing (go Spartans!) with the promise of yarn and a trip to the MSU Dairy store. 

I am head over heels in love with Rae’s. The yarn selection is that of which I have never seen before. Plus they have spinning wheels, drop spindles, roving, needles, books.. I could go on for ages! The absolute icing on the cake was when the shopkeepers said with excitement “Please come in. Touch everything.” Music to my and Chase’s ears! We felt the yarn (and Chase eyed the double peddle spinning wheels). The yarn I was looking for was in fact there, just not enough of the color I wanted. Not wanting to wait on an order, I opted for a very nice substitute (Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in Peat Mix) that is luscious.  

Rae also has a sock knitting kit/club. I was interested in learning more about these sock kits while I was there and was told to go ahead and look in one of the kits to see the yarn, pattern, and goodies inside. I think that I may buy the next kit that comes out. It would neat to knit with a sock kit/club!
I did pick up one of the patterns used in a previous kit to knit socks with my beloved skein of Springtree Road yarn that has been patiently waiting for a pattern. The Gates of Atlantis pattern certainly looks interesting and it’s a toe-up sock. Wish me luck there!

After I had yarn in hand, we wandered over to MSU campus and had root beer floats and cheese curds. Lansing is only about an hour from us and well worth the trip for goodies! I can hardly wait until Mom is here in May to take her to the yarn shop. I know she’ll fall in love, too.


  1. Oh, I want to come up and go too! It sounds like a great place to visit and shop! I really would like to own a spinning wheel.

  2. sounds so exciting! i would love to go too. someday spinning might be in my future too.
    and a sock club, fun!!

    1. It was really a nice shop! I love the fact that they had everything you could possibly want in a yarn shop. I think the next time I go I am going to ask them if they offer spinning classes. Chase and I need direction with our spinning.

      Yes, Agent is a sneaky little guy. I don't even know what he was focusing on in that picture. He's the Where's Waldo? of our cat world I think!

  3. the kitty in the basket, hee hee!

  4. I think i may need to drag i mean take my family there when we visit MI this summer.