Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad.

Yay for cake!

Today is Dad's sixty-eighth birthday. Last night we went out for dinner to celebrate early. Fara and I both said that we didn't think Dad would have been home this soon and were planning on it being later in March. Amazing what the willpower and determination of an individual can do, hmm? Dad says he's just happy he made it thus far.

Today was kind of a low key day. Fara is having to work late (hence the early birthday celebrating last night) and will be home to have cake later on. Dad and I went out for coffee before we headed to the hospital for his antibiotic infusion. He had decided mid-morning that a really good day out would involve meatballs, but seeing as Fara was jetting home for an hour between work and her evening meeting, and the infusion appointment (which ran an hour later than usual), it just was not in the cards for today. However, Dad is determined that we go tomorrow, and that we bring sufficient leftovers home. Works for me!

Tomorrow is my last full day here. I'll be writing up the adventures Dad and I have had together this past week. As Dad said on our first day out "We have a full tank of gas, an EZ pass, and I have a driver -- we can go anywhere."

Happy birthday, Dad.



  1. what a good day for dad to have a birthday! lol ;)


  2. Happy birthday to your Dad! It must have been so nice for both of you to be togethter to celebrate.
    I hope your trip home is a safe one Emily and you get in some knitting time.

  3. I just love your Dad's comment about the full tank of gas!! Enjoy your time with him and please wish him a happy belated birthday. blessings ~ tanna

  4. Happy happy birthday!!! So glad your dad is doing so much better--and obviously kept his sense of humor!!! Have a great visit--and safe travels!

  5. Happy birthday to your dad!!!

  6. I look forward to hearing of your adventures! Happy Birthday to your dad...

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. happy birthday to your dear dad! i'm sure he had a wonderful one with a daughter like you emily.
    xxx lori