Sunday, March 18, 2012

Me? Busy?

I knew this week was going to be busy, and boy I certainly wasn't kidding myself! I've tried to stop by and visit everyone because I have missed you all. I'm hoping now that I have been home for a full week (and a handful of days) that things might quiet down at least a smidge.

Why is it that kids don't let you know they need something until they really need it? Like.. sneakers. When I took Chase to the bus stop Monday morning I saw that he had holes in the tops of his sneakers and along the side. I felt so bad sending him off to school in need of new sneakers. I asked him later that afternoon (when he was trying on his new shoes) why he hadn't told me and he said "Well, I had, but I thought I could make them last a bit longer!". He's still in a 9.5 in men's so whew! I wonder if this means this year he'll grow in his feet again?

Along with the shoe shopping, Steve and I ran around and did a list of errands I had made out for myself the night before. I love settling in after a trip.

Tuesday was busy with Scouts and barbershop. Steve had his spring concert this week and Chase is prepping for Pinewood Derby.

Thursday, with a slight hint of a break (and extreme determination on my part), I packed up my knitting and headed off to join Karen (my mom-in-law) for knitting at the library. Sure there was a tornado watch in the county north of us. And yes, as I was pulling out of the driveway the tornado siren in our county went off, but I still went into the township. As I crossed the bridge into the township, state troopers were on the bridge looking west where it was dark and moving slowly our way. The library had closed due to severe weather (the library in the township is one massive pyramid of glass), so Karen and I (on the advice of our husband's) made our way back to our homes. Little did we know that there was a tornado touchdown in Dexter (Dexter is less than 20 miles from us). When I got home, I sat on the porch with Steve for a few minutes and watched the storm. We live across the street from the police and fire departments. It's quite fascinating to watch as the first responders come in, suit up, and are dispatched. When the hail hit (only penny sized), I decided to head inside. I am so thankful that there were no lives lost out there in Dexter. This was an extremely slow moving storm system and that tornado was bigger and on the ground longer than everyone had expected.

Friday was a teacher workday for Chase. I had big plans for us. It's no secret to anyone around here that I am obsessed with watching the web cameras at the Toledo Zoo. Every morning when I log on to check my mail, I check on the animals. Specifically, I look for Lucas. Baby animals are adorable, but baby elephants? They melt my heart. Chase and I headed south to the zoo for the day. It was a perfect day.

Lucas lived up to his hype. After a few minutes of play time, he happily went to his momma and nursed. By then I was goo. I just loved his big, floppy ears and his cute little tail.

Saturday I was up early baking a cake (chocolate stout cake for Barbershop) and then it was off to test run Chase's derby car. Chase has a couple of adjustments he wants to make before the big race in a week. This is his first derby and he is loving the excitement that goes with it.

The Barbershoppers supplied the desserts for their spring concert.

Chase with his derby tank!

And of course today was Chords and Cuisine: a pasta dinner with homemade desserts and lots of singing. I am so impressed with the Harmonizers. I'm loving everything they are singing these days.

Singing their hearts out!

I'm predicting a quiet week. There are no big Scout or Barbershop events. I have no major events of my own. I am looking forward to more porch time, and maybe a bit more knitting.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


  1. Is it wrong that reading about tornadoes out there makes me really, REALLY miss living in mid-Mich? It should be wrong, because we definitely get our share out here. Maybe it's just reading the town names that make me homesick. Glad no one was hurt--I would about kill for some weather to get kicking out here. It was 80 degrees all weekend and we had to turn on the AIR CONDITIONER at one point because our house had heated up to 83 and it was just intolerable. Mid-March?

    1. Ugh! It's too early for the a/c! This is not North Carolina! But yeah, if we hit 80, the a/c will go on in a heartbeat. I'm almost wondering if we're going to get hit with a sneaky little cold snap around Easter weekend. I'm approaching spring cautiously (okay, I'm digging my heels in to the dirt, but at least I'm not kicking anymore).

      You gotta love our town names here! Dexter. Milan. Saline (especially if you pronounce it Say-lean and piss off the locals - haha!). Come on.. come visit.. we're not NM .. but we're pretty groovy! No no, I know.. you need your trip out west. :)

  2. You have been busy Emily!
    What a great way to start the morning by watching a baby elephant, my heart melts for them too. Oh, who am I kinding, all animals!
    I have a fourteen big footed young man in my home who is the same way about his shoes and will wear them until the shoes fall apart. We are buying shoes this week because I looked down! :)
    It's been in the mid 80's here, but I refuse to turn the A/C on in March so I 'glow' a little each afternoon. I don't think a cold snap is going to surprise us here, the peach trees have now come into bloom...spring is here.
    I hope you have a nice, quiet week at home and please do tell your Mother hello!

    1. Oh I am pretty much a sucker for any baby animal (okay.. animals in general), but that little elephant.. he stole my heart!

      You know.. they're making very nice duct tape these days, with lots of colors and patterns. Might be a solution for these kids of ours and their ratty sneakers, LOL!

      I don't think we're going to get a cold front either, but I am going to stay hopeful. Besides, it might take care of the skeeter problem we have starting. Eck.

      Mom says Hello!

  3. We just did shoe shopping! It must be in the air. I almost lost my breath trying to keep up with your week :) I am hoping that your weeks ahead give you a chance to relax. Tell mom I said hi!

    1. Yes indeed.. with spring comes new shoes! It's like clockwork here.

      Mom says Hi!

  4. You have been busy! My in laws were here visiting from MI recently. Enjoy this week and a little more porch time.

    1. Oh I didn't know your in-laws were from MI! How cool!

      I've been enjoying the porch all week. :)

  5. hi emily, i hope this week is a bit calmer for you. sitting on the porch knitting sounds bliss. and your chase is such a doll.
    baby ellies! so sweet!

    1. Aw thank you Lori!

      I've sat out every afternoon and either knitted or played with my drop spindle. It's been very nice.