Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Knitting Event?

As knitters, we often spend our time knitting for others instead of ourselves. I know that recently as I have been blog hopping, it seems a few of us, including myself, have stolen a few moments to knit something for ourselves, but really, we knit to give mostly, right?

So I was thinking I would like to host an online knitting gift event. The idea is that those who participate will receive a hand-knitted gift from someone else. Neat, yes?

Here are the details I have written up so far.

1) We will knit either a cowl, a shawl, or a scarf with the yarn we are given. It can be any pattern of the knitter's choice.

2) Each participant will supply their own yarn for their own gift. If you have 3 skeins of purple and no idea what to do with it, toss it in! The more yarn you have to put in, the more options your knitter will have.

3) Those participating can send their yarn to me. Once all the yarn has been received, I'll have Chase draw names so everyone gets a stash of yarn to work with. I'll then send out the yarn to the new recipients including the addresses of who the gift will go to. 

4) I figure we'll start this as a summer knitting gift project. That means you can work on your project from June through August. We'll put a deadline on finishing the project as Labor Day (September 3rd). Then we can send our finished projects back to their owners (and if we want to include little goodies from our neck of the woods, that would be nice, too).

5) I'll start collecting interested participants today, and post this every Wednesday for the next three weeks after my Yarn-Along. I would like all the participants to send their yarn no later than May 25th so that I can turn around and send the yarn to the knitters by May 29th (the day after Memorial Day).

6) With three months to knit, this doesn't have to be done immediately. It'll be a nice project to work on over the summer. In case three months doesn't seem long enough, we can bump it out an extra month.

7) This is open to EVERYONE! Mom is going to participate. If you have an allergy to a specific yarn, make sure you make a note of it when you send your yarn to me (so if you have an allergy to wool, I'll make sure you're paired with someone who provides a non-wool fiber).

8) No posting pictures of your projects until September. That way it can stay a surprise as to who is knitting with YOUR yarn!

So I guess the question is.. is anyone interested in doing this? Let me know!


  1. Oh, this would be superfun! By open to everyone, do you mean international too?

  2. I love this idea Emily. I am not at all well today and am laying here on the couch as I type. Give me a few days to recup and I'll send you an email.

    1. Oh Tracey I am sorry you aren't feeling well!

      I hope you feel better soon.


  3. I would love to participate. I am just not sure how crazy my life will be. Let me mull this over.

  4. Sounds fun and a great way to make knitting "friends" into true friends..

    1. Exactly! Stay tuned and I will be posting more.