Friday, April 13, 2012

These days..

The past two weeks, and this week in particular, have held many lessons for my family. I can’t go into detail here right now due to potential legal action that may be taken in the next couple of weeks, however, I can mention a few key points to think on.

·         No child should ever feel that they can openly bully another child.

·         No child should ever be made to feel unwelcome by an adult, or purposely isolated by an adult from other children.

·         No man should feel it is right to verbally abuse or threaten a woman (and vice versa). 

·         An address is an address. It’s a place you may live at, work at, or just receive mail at. It’s a number and some letters. People should not be judged by it.

·         If you aren’t willing to compromise, then you lose your right to complain about the outcome.
·         Children are far more forgiving than many, many adults.

Things I am thankful for this week:
·         Steve.
·         Chase.
·         My family (near and far).
·         My friends (near and far).
·         Coffee.
·         Prayer.
·         Forgiveness.
·         A fantastic superintendent.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, peaceful weekend. I’m slowly catching up to what everyone has had going on this week. I just have not been near my computer a lot this week and when I have managed to sit down for a few minutes, the phone rings. Such is life, yes?



  1. Oh, Emily, I am sorry you are facing such things. It is amazing to me the mean things that people can do to one another. And an adult-crickey! Fortunately I am reminded that there is far more good. Hugs

    1. The past few weeks have definitely tried my patience, but I am thankful that I have seen so much good, too.

  2. i'm so sorry emily. i think the same thing as heather, there is far more good in the world. your a loving person, mom and wife and daughter. and i know a good friend. don't let this get you or your sweet boy down. everything will be okay, i'm sure.

    1. Thank you -- last week was just so trying (and it's spilling a bit into this week, too). You definitely have given me a boost that I needed.


  3. I am thinking the same as the Lori ann and Heather. I sounds like some ugliness has crept into your days and I hope it soon is overcome with goodness. This life is just too short to be ugly to another human being...ever! I wish you, Steve and Chase nothing but the best Emily! :)

    1. Thank you so much Tracey! I'm definitely looking forward to better days!

  4. So sorry about the rotten week you've had and I hope that goodness prevails, it usually does. I agree with everyone else! Your a sweet mom :)

    1. Thanks Karen! Things are definitely getting better.