Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Second verse same as the first

Dad is having heart valve replacement surgery this Friday.

When I spoke to him Sunday, he said that after having an MRI late last week, he started to feel ill. Sweats, chills, unable to move from the couch to a chair in the living room easily. He figured he had a flu bug. I asked if he was going to see his nephrologist on Tuesday and his GP later this week if he still wasn't feeling well. He was more annoyed with the fact he injured his hip while getting up on the MRI table. Overall, he sounded good, just tired.

Before I went to bed Monday night, Fara had left me a voicemail. It's one of those moments you know that something isn't right. Fara had taken Dad to the hospital and he was being admitted. I called and spoke with them both briefly. The original thought was the infection he had earlier this year (that led to him being in a coma) wasn't completely out of his system and was rearing its ugly head again. Thankfully he got to the hospital before it got horribly out of control. Monday night he was refusing treatment and just wanting to go home. He was admitted, however, and started on antibiotics.

I figured he was doing pretty good because he was online posting on Facebook and overall seemed in good sorts yesterday.

Today after much testing the news came in that he needs to have surgery on his heart again. The infection has settled into the valve that was replaced last July. It's bad enough that it has to be surgically removed and the valve replaced again. Dad says no bovine valve this time around, he's actually going to have a human heart valve (there goes our "Where's the beef?" jokes). He's also going to need back surgery this year, but that probably won't happen until later this summer. When he and I spoke this evening he said that he felt pretty good and that he'd walk out of the hospital and go home for the next two days if they would let him (they won't). He's pretty optimistic about all of this, more annoyed that it is another set back in his full recovery (and to a lessor extent, his summer plans). The good news is that he should be home by Wednesday. He's also looking forward to another "heart pillow" (you know.. a stiff pillow to hug tight when you need to cough).

Fara says we don't need to head to Delaware right now. Everything seems to be pretty much on the up and up. I'm pretty optimistic that this, too, will be successful.

Please keep my dad in your thoughts and prayers, and also Fara. This has been such a year for them both. I worry more for her and her health these days.



  1. Dearest Emily, you are ALL in my prayers! Much love.

  2. Sending healing vibes to your dad and my thoughts to you.

  3. Goodness Emily. What a year your family has had. Yes, I'm praying!

    Blessings, Debbie

    1. It has certainly been a year for everyone. Thank you Debbie!

  4. Oh, Emily, I'm so hoping this takes care of his problems. It's been quite the year for you all. Praying for that speedy recovery.

    1. I hope so, too. They have got to get this infection source under control or it's just going to repeat itself.

      Thanks Steph!