Sunday, May 20, 2012

Winding Down, Gearing Up

Things have been quiet on the blogger front in these parts. I feel bad because I have been trying to visit with everyone when I have the free time.

Chase's school year is winding down. I don't know why the schools wait until the end of the year to host not only field day (okay, I understand that part) but also science fairs. And of course on top of that, his Scout den is pushing activities almost weekly again (we've declined a few of those already). Chase's district is going through reorganizing that will be sending Chase to a different school in the district for fifth grade. He's been on pins and needles, so to speak, for two weeks hoping to be assigned the first choice on his list (he was). His best friend is also moving at the end of the school year and that is weighing heavy on his mind and heart. This little girl has email access (and a cell phone) so they're hoping to stay in touch.

So as Chase's school year is winding down, my semester is in full force. I decided that I needed to get back into the swing of things at school after taking the winter semester off. So this spring/summer I am going full time again. I have one class that meets daily until the end of June, another that meets mostly online save for 6 random Saturdays up until 7/14, and a third is completely online. Never a dull moment, right?? The nice thing is that come fall, I can drop down to part time.

I hope that within the next week things will have settled into a nice working groove and I can come back and visit more frequently. Until then, please accept my apologies if I am a bit quiet in this spot.



  1. Life sounds very full in your world Emily. Good for you for going back to school. My daughter just finished taking two classes and she had me thinking about going, but for right now I am holding off, maybe for the winter session.
    Tell Chase to watch the mail around the end of the week, he has a surprise coming from SC!

    1. Going back in the summer especially full time was scary. It's already a short semester, but now everything is crammed in. But so far so good!

      You should definitely go back! At least this summer you can see what sort of offerings they have.

      I told Chase to keep an eye on the mail for something from SC and he got quite excited. I had just finished telling him about the hunting and fishing and garden growing you and your family do and he says he wishes you had a summer camp!

  2. Enjoy your end of the year activities! It always gets busy at that time. I hope your summer classes go swimmingly!

  3. Such a busy busy time!!! But it will pay off in the long run---hang in there. Glad Chase got his first choice!!! Nothing like having the whole summer to stew over something like that!

    1. I am so glad Chase got his first choice. It's going to be hard enough when his best friend moves after school lets out. Most of his friends will be going to the same school as him so whew!

  4. Yup! that time of year again! Gotta love Spring - just when everyone gets used to not leaving the house all winter: BAM! everyone now wants you to forget what your house looks like!

    praying for a successful and rather stress-free spring and summer for you


    (and I know what you mean: I am finding myself bunch-blogging: several posts on Sunday night to catch up)