Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello Summer

Chase saw him first yesterday morning.

I know, it has been summer for a while now. But it is officially my summer time. I finished the last of my class work Friday night and am ready to veg out until late August when my classes start up again. This was the first summer that I took classes, and I know it won't be my last. The nice thing is that for the next year, I can go part time. Whew.

There are no real plans for this summer. Well, I take that back. I don't have any real plans for the rest of the summer. Things for Chase and Steve are getting ready to pick up. They're going camping this weekend with the Scouts. I'm not quite sure what I will do with myself for three days and two whole nights! You know.. other than knit, read, sleep, and most likely clean and de-clutter the house. 

Two weeks later they're going to sleep on a submarine. I thought about going instead of Steve, but the thought of being stuck in confined quarters with 30 8-11 year olds did not sound like fun to me. I tried to convince myself that while the boys are sleeping on the submarine, I could entertain myself at the the fiber festival, but alas, my wallet won't allow that little luxury right now (besides, I have oodles of projects I should be working on right now).

I think a staycation is what I will have!

In garden news, we got about six snow pea pods this season before the heat just burnt those poor little plants up. Our tomatoes, for the most part, are doing well. There has been some evidence of end rot again this year, so Chase and I dosed the entire garden with antacids (thanks again, Tracey, for the tip!!). The little black cherry tomatoes seem to be doing well, and are nice treat right off the vine.

Oh and we have zucchini! There are three right now that I can see. I am hopeful that the pumpkins and watermelons will produce. Mom keeps telling me to be patient. This has been such a hot summer that I shouldn't give up on anything yet. It's hard. I told the pumpkins this was their last year as an attempt before I cut them off the list like I did the corn. Patience..patience..breathe.

I also went on four interviews last week. I went months without even a nibble and then suddenly back to back (to back, to back) interviews. I have another this week, too. So I am staying hopeful that a job offer will come from one of these. I really need to be working again! I miss it so much.

And in case anyone is wondering..

Steve was working in Anderson, Indiana last Friday and Saturday and with a little bit of sneakiness, he surprised Mom at work and took her out to dinner. Mom is doing quite well. It's always nice to see that she is, though. (Plus this was the first time she got to show off her son-in-law to all of her co-workers!)

So hello summer -- sorry I was late for the party. Lets enjoy the next few weeks.


  1. Our tomatoes have (I think) blossom rot? Whatever it is, they keep sending out healthy yellow blossoms that dry up and don't turn into tomatoes. Could this be a result of the 103 degree heat that's been blanketing us for the last two and a half weeks? Yes, yes, I think so--I've been drenching them so I know they're not thirsty, but not much you can do to prevent Mother Nature from shining down!

    1. Ugh!! That is too bad, Kristine! Maybe the weather will finally even out and a late crop of tomatoes are in your future.

      I've taken to soaking our beds every day (save for those few days we actually get a good soaking rain), but this has just been a really rough growing season.

      How are the apple trees doing this summer?

  2. dear emily, reading this is like finding a letter in my mailbox, from my sweet friend, you! i want to comment on everything, chase and steve going camping and submarineing (good call, staying home sounds much better!), my grandson just joined scouts! i'm excited to see where that leads. and i imagine you'll have no trouble at all filling up your quiet time.

    seeing the photo of steve and your dear mom made a tear in my eye. and hearing about his little suprise, no wonder she's smiling with her whole heart. so glad summer is finally here for you, you surely deserve it. lots of love, lori

    1. Hi Lori!

      I hope your grandson enjoys being in Scouts as much as Chase has this past year. Chase had had a lot of different opportunities to do things with his group that are pretty neat (like sleeping on a submarine!).

      Oh I am sure I will be able to keep myself entertained while they are away. I've been eyeballing the spinning wheel again, too. ;)

  3. I am with you not he submarine. Sounds like fun, but then I think about the tight seemingly airless space. What fiber festival? We are gearing up for our trip that way soon. Window shopping is always fun. Love your mom and Steve.

    1. Oh, and good luck with the job prospects.

    2. Yeah -- sounds like fun to start, but in the end it's not something I would want to do.

      Ah! The Michigan Fiber Festival is the same weekend in Allegan County (at the fairgrounds).

      It's like a week(end) of fun! I heard about it after we went to the fiber festival in our county last fall. I'd love to go to this one.

  4. In my heart I am a staycation lover :) Glad your break has begun and your mother looks so fantastic!! Tell her I said so :)

    1. I think I am, too, but I am itching to go someplace (October! Just have to wait until October!).

      Thank you -- I told Mom and she says Thanks, too! :D