Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Classes, Coffee, and everything in between

This has been an interesting first month of the fall semester. I'm only part time this term, but I seem to be putting in more work than I have in the past with a full schedule.

My Saturday bio class (the one I take with Steve) is going pretty well so far. It's an all day class (9am to 3:30pm), but isn't "all day" in the sense that the first ninety minutes are lecture time, then there is a thirty minute break, three hours dedicated to lab time, and finally ninety more minutes of lecture time. We have yet to use the entire lab time we have scheduled which leaves me with an hour or more for us to hang around. Nothing on campus is open on the weekends, so Steve and I just tend to hang out in the classroom. I took my knitting last weekend because the dead time is driving me nuts.

The real issue I am having is with my algebra class. It's not because of the course material (that's doable right now), but a software issue. The math department decided over the summer that all the classes needed to be submitting their work through an online program. It was supposed to be better than a previously used online program (it better be for the added expense they're charging students). Sadly, since the first day there have been issues.

The website crashes constantly. When it does work, it is questionable if it will take the correct answer or not (I kid you not). My professor is completely fed up with the program. The math chair for the department had her students taking their tests in the program and had to throw the scores out because of the problems they were having. This is no good! As for now it seems like we are to be submitting our homework on paper to the professor. I have no problem with this because I was writing everything down before submitting it online. It seems like that for an assignment with ten problems it was taking over four hours to submit due to all of the problems. So much time wasted!

I decided a couple of weeks ago since I spend so much time at my beloved B-24's, that I should put in an application to be a barista. So for the past week in my free time I have been learning all of the ins and outs of latte making. Things are going pretty well so far. I worked today at both their locations (they have one in downtown Ypsilanti and another at the library in the township). I love the people who work there already that it just felt like it was the natural thing to do. It keeps me busy, keeps me in free coffee, and even provides a bit of pocket money! ;)

Knitting group started at the beginning of the month. With group we saw the return of the crazy sock lady and many new, hopeful knitters (sadly no lefties this time). This is the one time I allow myself to knit and knit with no concern about work or school or even my family. That being said, I did finally finish the MKAL (I still have to block the shawl, then I will post pictures), and have started working on a sleeve for my Mom's Christmas sweater. I also have been working on writing a sock pattern and that is going slowly.

My reading has taken a back seat again, too (and right after my Dad ordered me a stack of books to read!). I'm sure that things will balance out over the next couple of weeks and I will have room for everything again.

I am looking forward to our family vacation next weekend (we're also celebrating Chase's birthday) to Mackinac Island. I've never been before and I hear it is absolutely gorgeous. I plan on knitting and reading the whole time. Mom says she's hoping there is a good coffee shop up there (lol).

So now I think I will get off this computer and go study a bit. ;)


  1. happy birthday to Chase!!!!! Have fun on the vacation and boo to bad software, grr.......

    1. Thank you! I'm looking forward to our trip!

  2. My daughter just finished up an on line class and despised the whole thing because of software issues so I hear you loud and clear. Sometimes I still thing the old way of doing things isn't so bad.
    How exciting to be making latte's and getting paid for it!
    I have been on a chai latte kick and have 2 or 3 every afternoon. [I make them here at home.].
    A vacation and a birthday, how wonderful! Chase will be 11, is that right? I hope you take your camera!

    1. I agree. I would much rather turn in my homework, or use it for a homework based test. We're still working out the kinks in this software program. Argh!

      Oh yes, I figured I spend so much of my free time over at the coffeehouse, I might as well make my own drinks (and make tips, lol!). Other than a really bad burn from last week, I'm enjoying the experience.

      Yep! Chase will be 11 on the 9th, but we're celebrating early. Time sure does fly!

      I'll definitely have my camera on hand. :)

  3. sounds like a LOT is going on there emily! i hope you have a wonderFuL vacation ( i hope there is a GREAT coffee shop for you and your mom!) and happy happy birthday to chase!

    1. Thank you! Mom is hoping to find a yarn shop (I've located one that is over the bridge -- she isn't so sure about a 5 mile long

  4. Oh my goodness! What a headache. I hope they resolve the issues soon.

    Sounds like a fun job and extra money is always a plus!

    I love, love, love Mackinac. For several years, my husband's family would meet there over Labor Day. We would then walk the bridge together. It was a lot of fun. It has been 8ish years since we have been back. Have fun!!