Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday, Monday..

Mom went back to Indiana on Friday. This was the first visit she has made over the holidays where she was later to arrive (she had to re-schedule her trip because of Jury Duty) and stayed past the first of the new year. She was originally supposed to have gone back home on the 2nd, but Steve was assigned a case in Fort Wayne for the weekend, so instead she stayed extra days and he took her home (he also brought her up on the 20th due to this same case -- no train travel at all this time!).

The extra time was enjoyable and she was here when Chase flew back home Thursday night (she was able to get in some extra snuggles with him). Friday night it just felt strange in the house. We had gained Chase being back in the fold, but then Mom and Steve left and it was a different sort of quiet again.

We still have our Christmas tree up. We always keep it up past Epiphany, but I saw so many trees at the curb throughout Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor even before the first of the new year that I was starting to wonder if we were the only ones with our lights still lit and our tree still up.

I told myself it was probably because those trees were purchased at the beginning of November and have given all that they could give by the end of December (curbside pick-up for trees doesn’t even start until this week). 

An acquaintance of mine on Facebook had commented that if you still had your tree up this late in the game you were just holding on to the past and weren’t ready for the future. For me, at least, that isn’t the case. I hate being rushed through the holidays. It is frustrating to go into the grocery store just two days after Christmas and see that they’re seasonal display has already turned to Valentine’s Day. 

I ranted and raved when one local radio station started playing Christmas music before Halloween. I dug my heels in deep refusing to listen to any holiday music before Thanksgiving (I’m not against others doing so, trust me, but for me it really is being stuck listening to top 40 Christmas music and not the oldies, but goodies, that I love). I had no problem picking our tree up the first weekend in December because I have learned from Christmases past that I really do not like standing out in a tree lot when it is cold, damp and dark trying to pick out the next tree to grace our home. It also sat for well over a week in the living room naked until I felt ready to decorate (by that time Chase has decked out his room with his own tree and five strands of lights).

Plus I really do love all of the decorations. 

Why are people in such a rush? Whatever happened to just taking our time and we’ll get there when we get there? 

And this isn't just about the holidays. It's everywhere now. So many people are coming across as being impatient. I fought tooth and nail during the month of December not to be rushed, not to get overly excited, not to stress, because really, is it worth it? What is up with society these days?  Whenever I am feeling a bit stressed or rushed, I take comfort and watch the panda cam at the San Diego Zoo. I have been watching Xiao Liwu since shortly after his birth and have found his interactions with his mom to be fascinating. Watching them is just so peaceful.

I apologize if this has become a bit rambly. I suppose I am still fighting against being rushed and am letting my thoughts and words flow like molasses. ;-)


  1. YES!
    I agree. I took our tree down yesterday on Epiphany. We usually get it down later than that, but with Epiphany on the weekend, it just seemed to work better this year.

    That is one thing I am working on this year: being more deliberate and not rushing through things.

    Excellent post!
    blessings for a wonderful 2013


  2. I try very hard not to listen to holiday music until November, but I think retail loves to push the holidays and seasons. Now's the time to buy bathing suits and you will not find one you like in June or July-that is just nuts to me! Who wants to try on bathing suits after all that chocolate over Christmas???

  3. You are spot on! Everyone is trying to run past life. I think life is best savored. Three cheers for your slowdown!

  4. So agree Emily. We just took our tree down last night. Christmas seemed to start so early this year and then everyone was fed up with it and had their decs down before the New Year! Now as you say, it's all hearts everywhere. I am so glad we have a January birthday and of course Burn's Night on 25th to dilute it slightly.
    Hope you are all well xx