Monday, January 21, 2013

The Gift of Yarn

Shortly after Christmas I was having a conversation with my aunt in New York about cuckoo clocks (Steve gave me one for Christmas). She has the two she brought from Germany that my grandmother had and offered them to me (YES! Please!). While we were talking, she mentioned she also had all of my grandmother's knitting things. She said she was able to put her hands on them easily (the clocks would have to wait until the weather was better), but offered me the knitting supplies. Again, yes, please!

My aunt wasn't kidding about the knitting supplies. All of the needles (this is one package of them), including the tiniest stitch holder! Mom and I saw this itty bitty stitch holders when we were in the UP and we regretted not buying them for when we make things with thumbs. I wish I had two so I could give one to Mom. That yarn is a skein of Caron yarn called Vim, 50% mohair/50% orlon. There are over twenty skeins of it. I would love to know what Gram had planned to do with it all. Better yet, I have no idea what to do with it myself!

And then there are the mittens. When I was little I remember Gram making us all socks and mittens based on traces of our hands and feet. This is such a sweet pair, and I am guessing one of the last pairs she made. Not only do I have this pair of mittens I also have the pattern she used and the notes she made along the way for child size and adult size. I am treasuring these tidbits of my Gram.

Late last week I came home to a large box of more yarn this time from my friend Jody (she sent me yarn last year, too). Jody is a friend of my Mom's from way back in the day and after moving south from Maine, she has no use for her heavy wool yarn (and no daughters to pass the knitting love on to). The yarns are absolutely stunning. Yarns I have never seen or heard of before.

The multi-colored yarn is from Japan. The two packages in the back are a lovely brown. I can only figure Jody purchased them to make a sweater for herself as there are twenty skeins of it. The white.. oh that white yarn. Jody begged me to make something special and warm from it. It was the last yarn she had purchased in Maine before moving and she met the sheep it came from. It is so soft and smells like wonderful sheep.

With the threat of negative temperatures looming for this week, I quickly whipped up something warm for my head for when I am walking campus. My Ravelry notes are here. I still have nine skeins left of the Starcroft Nebula yarn left, and a plan for it right after I finish my current projects.

I feel so blessed that I have been gifted with such lovely yarn and with some things that belonged to my Gram.


  1. Oh Emily, what a true treasure you have been given and one I know you will hold close to your heart as you knit with your Gram's things. My Nanny passed away when I was 15 and I have no idea what happened to her needles, but I do have a thumble that holds a special spot in me.
    Enjoy all your gifts.

    1. I'm so glad my aunt thought enough to save them in case someone was interested in them. My Mom was really touched by the items. She remembers my Gram knitting and spinning, too.

  2. What amazing gifts. I am so glad you have this link to your Gram. Her notes even ! How perfect. And I love that you know will have warm ears!

    1. Yes! I am treasuring these gifts that were my Gram's.