Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gone, Again

Steve and I drove to Somerset, PA on Sunday (the halfway point between us and Delaware) to drop Chase off with my parents for the next two weeks. Chase has been home for all of two weeks since being at camp and he is off on another adventure. We'll be driving to upstate New York to pick him up when my extended family meets at the end of the month for a disbursement of Gram's ashes (she passed away two years ago and her body was donated to science -- my aunt received her ashes back from the medical school a few months ago). It seems like he is coming and going all summer (when he gets back, he'll have less than a week before he goes on a canoeing camping trip with his Scout troop). Home long enough to wash out his things, then off again to another part of the country.
My mind is confused this summer with real time. While I know that it is only the middle of July, I'm riddled with the fact that it is the middle of July and summer is going by fast.
My garden is behind other gardens. We have lots of little tomatoes, some lettuce, and I spotted a few snow peas this morning. I look at the healthy eggplant, the radishes, and carrots and wonder why they're not growing like other gardens. But then I have to remind myself that we had frost until the last week in May and my garden didn't get planted until the first weekend in June. I also decided to throw caution to the wind and didn't start anything indoors (after Jessie ate all the seedlings the year before, I don't trust her) so they're taking their time. My goal right now is to water when we don't have rain, weed when I can. I never clear out the garden at the end of fall, so whatever is there when it snows, will be there (plus I seem to grow a lot of cauliflower and brussel sprouts when there is snow -- no idea how I manage that!). In real time this is fine. Gardens can't be rushed, nor should they be.
The bees are looking fantastic. We're having a hard time keeping our hands off from them and are spending a lot of time observing them. I update my dad daily on the color of the pollen I see coming in and Chase likes to guess where they may be collecting it from. Before Chase left he insisted we do a hive check (it had been three weeks since Daisy's home became a two-story) so we could see how they were doing (plus Chase is obsessed with their health). Daisy and her girls have been working extremely hard! Two of the frames we pulled had capped honey on them. To stand there and be able to smell the honey is amazing. Two of my friends came over to watch our hive check and were rather impressed with how gentle our bees are. I'm pleased to report that our mite board was clear of pests, and no other issues were observed (save for a few earwigs hiding under the lid -- those pests!). I know that soon we'll start having to think toward fall and winter for them, but for now, it's okay to just sit back and watch and listen.
(Courtesy SarahRaven Photography)
 I think the hardest part with dealing with real time is work related. We're working on getting students registered for fall classes. We've been doing this since April. The push is on this week to get students in for an express registration day where they can get everything turned in and completed with the goal being able to register for classes by the time they leave. It's going to be a hectic day and I am glad I was not scheduled to work it! It's hard to focus on one day at a time, one month at a time, when we are thinking three months ahead of time, all the time.
 I thought that this summer was going to be the summer of relaxing, but it seems to be the summer of doing, and going. Oh well. Perhaps there will be a slow down in the fall? ;-)


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