Monday, September 2, 2013


I try to start every morning with a bit of knitting. Despite what may happen during the day, I want to start things off on the right foot (or needle?). Knitting puts me in a happy place. It brings balance to my life.

Things are busy here (so much that it has taken me four days of writing to get this post really going, and hopefully published). I foresee this continuing for the next week until we all fall into a somewhat regular groove again.

This semester I am in class three days a week with a five minute break to get from classroom to work (thankfully, my office is just a building over). That means I am spending 9-10 hours on campus for three days. Not only do I have a full course load of classes at the beginning of the week, but my department is understaffed and those of us that remain are picking up more hours. Goodbye free Fridays!

To add to all of this, Chase starts school on the 3rd. Chase will have an early start to his day, and that I know will take some getting used to, but thankfully by the time he gets home Steve will also be home from work. It's all about balance.

Knitting group is starting again this coming week and I am so excited for that. I miss knitting with other people. I have been so tired the past two weeks that when I come home, I don't knit. Thursday nights I know I will be knitting, and I am looking forward to it.

But now I must go again. I have finished another cup of coffee and there are scones to be made for tomorrow. Oh and I should probably also sit down and look over my classwork, too.

Around and around. Breathe...


  1. Life sounds wonderfully busy in your world Emily. Grab hold and love every minute of it.
    Enjoy you classes and I wish Chase a great new school year.

    1. Thank you Tracey! Things are definitely keeping us all on our toes.

  2. You are busy! glad you are knitting int he morning, you have to squeeze that in when you can. I remember those early school mornings, they do take some time to get used to!!

    1. Oh yes, I am determined to knit, even if it's just one row every morning. I feel lost if I don't!

      Chase has adjusted to the new schedule pretty well (we'll see how he feels when there is snow on the ground and we have to leave even earlier..). :)