Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday Yarn Along

Sometime around October of 2010 I was at a LYS where I saw the book Phoebe's Sweater along with the sweater knitted and on display. I loved the story and the sweater itself and thought that it would be a project I would like to make at some point for someone. Fast forward to January of 2011 when I was downsized from the company I was with and found myself with a little extra spending money. I went back to that particular LYS and bought yarn for a sweater I made Mom, and I also picked up the yarn and the book. Of course I still didn't have a little girl to knit for (though a few came to mind), so the book and yarn went into a storage bin.
What is so special about the Phoebe's Sweater book is that it's what led me here to Ginny and her yarn along. Before I knew of Ravelry, I just Googled the patterns or names of them to see other images. Ginny's blog was the first one that popped up.
I decided last week that for every new yarn I purchase for a known project (like my socks, for example), I must knit something from my stash yarn. I have been gifted with so much yarn over the past couple of years, that I really am doing a major disservice to it all for not finding a worthy use for it (however, Mom has been enjoying knitting things from my stash).
That brings me to today's post: Sunday morning I decided to dig into my stash for the book and yarn and cast on for the sweater. I still don't know who it might be for, and for all I know it may end up folded and packed away for years to come. I am always so determined that everything I knit has to have a person in mind, that sometimes I forget that half the fun is just knitting. So my socks are becoming my portable project (I have two hours between class and work two days a week that I am going to use to knit), and the sweater will be my home, sitting in front of Netflix, project.
As reading goes, I'm looking over the honey extraction section right now. I am sad to report my bees died last month. The last time I saw them alive was when I was doing a quick food check on them back on December 5th. We then had a big drop in the temperature, then eight inches of snow. I thought the bees would be okay, but over a period of two days when it warmed up, I noticed that the gutter near the apiary was overflowing and the water was going into the apiary. I checked on the bees on the 26th, and they were dead. Frost covered even. I'll save the details for a future post, but for now I want to remove the honey stores that are in there, perform a close apiary autopsy, and clean everything up to prepare for a new queen and colony this spring.

Wow. A little bit of rambling today, huh? :) I hope everyone has an enjoyable week and happy knitting!


Saturday, January 18, 2014


I have been trying to return to this space for a while now. I write posts in my head, updating on what has been going on, the pictures to include, and the list just keeps growing. Instead of flooding this space with tidbits from the past three (almost four months), I will offer a summary instead:

We Are All Fine.
My absence was due mostly to balancing work, school, and home. This semester is going to be even busier with longer hours at work, my clinical rotation, and the typical ebb and flow of home life.
I have been knitting (socks, mostly), and picking up a bit of non-school reading when I can. I truly hope to return to posting on Wednesday with the other knitters, and offering up my own entries here when I can. I am reading everyone's blogs, however, I just may not be commenting as much as I would like. I find you all a dear comfort to me and I look forward to each post I can read.
Happy New Year, everyone. I look forward to a promising year with you all!