Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday Yarn Along

Sometime around October of 2010 I was at a LYS where I saw the book Phoebe's Sweater along with the sweater knitted and on display. I loved the story and the sweater itself and thought that it would be a project I would like to make at some point for someone. Fast forward to January of 2011 when I was downsized from the company I was with and found myself with a little extra spending money. I went back to that particular LYS and bought yarn for a sweater I made Mom, and I also picked up the yarn and the book. Of course I still didn't have a little girl to knit for (though a few came to mind), so the book and yarn went into a storage bin.
What is so special about the Phoebe's Sweater book is that it's what led me here to Ginny and her yarn along. Before I knew of Ravelry, I just Googled the patterns or names of them to see other images. Ginny's blog was the first one that popped up.
I decided last week that for every new yarn I purchase for a known project (like my socks, for example), I must knit something from my stash yarn. I have been gifted with so much yarn over the past couple of years, that I really am doing a major disservice to it all for not finding a worthy use for it (however, Mom has been enjoying knitting things from my stash).
That brings me to today's post: Sunday morning I decided to dig into my stash for the book and yarn and cast on for the sweater. I still don't know who it might be for, and for all I know it may end up folded and packed away for years to come. I am always so determined that everything I knit has to have a person in mind, that sometimes I forget that half the fun is just knitting. So my socks are becoming my portable project (I have two hours between class and work two days a week that I am going to use to knit), and the sweater will be my home, sitting in front of Netflix, project.
As reading goes, I'm looking over the honey extraction section right now. I am sad to report my bees died last month. The last time I saw them alive was when I was doing a quick food check on them back on December 5th. We then had a big drop in the temperature, then eight inches of snow. I thought the bees would be okay, but over a period of two days when it warmed up, I noticed that the gutter near the apiary was overflowing and the water was going into the apiary. I checked on the bees on the 26th, and they were dead. Frost covered even. I'll save the details for a future post, but for now I want to remove the honey stores that are in there, perform a close apiary autopsy, and clean everything up to prepare for a new queen and colony this spring.

Wow. A little bit of rambling today, huh? :) I hope everyone has an enjoyable week and happy knitting!



  1. One day Emily, one day! Hugs to you.
    I must see if I can find the book here, sounds wonderful.

  2. I'm trying to knit from my stash before I buy more yarn, no specific goals just mindful purchasing. Glad you are doing yarn along, you've been missed!

  3. I love the color! Stash knitting/crocheting - love it!


  4. The Phoebe Sweater is such an enjoyable pattern. I knitted three of them (in all three sizes the pattern offered) for my boyfriend's nieces for christmas. I even did the destashing (or rather not increasing my stash with leftover wool) afterwards as I had ordered far too much yarn for the little coats and turned the surplus into cowls.

  5. i try to keep a few little gifty things ready to go……like you, the joy is in the knitting, although I too find such satisfaction in thinking about who i'm knitting something for while i knit. we can do both!!!!
    sorry about your poor bees. :(