Wednesday, April 9, 2014

And the days go by...

I've been wanting to do a snapshot of a typical day for a while now, but even remembering to do that and uploading the pictures and writing the blog post seem to take time that I didn't have to spare (I seem to have it today because I am home taking care of a cold bug that I can't seem to shake completely).

Here is "A day in my life: April 3rd, 2014":

I was up by 5am on Tuesday. Showered, cats fed, I grabbed coffee and a tomato basil bagel for breakfast (mm coffee). Chase gets up around 6 every morning for school. He has an hour to eat, shower, dress, and make sure his bag is ready to go for school.

Just dropped Chase off at school (don't worry, I was parked in the drop-off loop when I took this picture) and it's time to call Mom. I have to admit I really love being able to talk hands-free in my car now. I call Mom when I am between home/school/work.

More coffee! Today being Thursday, it is one of my long days (class and work). I'll be on campus from 8am until 7pm, I'll need more go juice. So I make more more stop on my way to campus for coffee (and no, those four shots weren't all for me! :-) )

Signs of Spring (finally!). Between the building I work in and the building my classes are held in. I'm looking forward to when the tulips are in full bloom.

Ah class. Time to focus!

Class is over and it is Thursday! That means it's lunch time at the Mediterranean grill on campus (they are a guest restaurant only here on Thursday -- a real treat for the semester). I usually have two hours between class and work on Tuesday and Thursday to eat lunch and socialize with Dale and Sarah, but they're both busy in their own offices, so instead I went to my own department and ate lunch and stared at the pile of work stacking up in my 'In Box'. 

Work. Just a sampling of what I have to work on for the day. These are inquiry cards. I'm putting them into the system and then prepping packets of information to be sent out. There were about 150 cards in that stack total. 

Work is over and I am free for the evening! It's still surprising to step outside after 7pm (my office is in the center of the building with no windows) and there is still sunshine. I'm extremely lucky today. Steve has been out of town working a case for the past few days so I have been on the run with Chase. Tonight Steve's dad has offered to bring Chase home from their house saving me a trip out to pick him up. Yay!

Home sweet home. I was washing dishes when Chase was dropped off. He has been building with Construx (does anyone remember those from the 80's? He has discovered them and loves them!) and was showing off his latest creation. 


I tried to participate in yarn-along last week, but by Sunday when the post still wasn't posted, I gave up. The semester will be over in a few weeks, and hopefully things will quiet down a bit. We have lost two people in a week in my department (with a third planning to leave in the next three weeks) so I am not sure how things are going to go since we have no idea if they are hiring anyone anytime soon. 

Have a beautiful week!


  1. Wow, are you busy with life, work and school! Hopefully once the semester ends you can slow down a little and return to your knitting. Your son is so grown up looking !

  2. Ahh, those tulips look like the ones in my front yard! I CANNOT wait to get this spring thing rolling here!