Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday Yarn Along

I have put my beaded shawl on hold for a bit. Only because I am back at the beading part and that really needs a quiet spot and a table to work on. I feel like I am so close to finishing, but also a distance away. I still have plenty of time to finish it before the start of school!

I started a different project a couple of weeks ago, but that one is on time out. Mom and I fell in love with a baby sweater pattern at our LYS from Appalachian Baby Design. You couldn't get the pattern alone, but instead could get it in a kit with their cotton yarn. The last visit we made to the LYS, Mom decided to splurge on the kit (I get to knit the pattern, woohoo!). Cotton yarn can be so finicky to work with. The pattern... I am struggling with. It's flipping between pages to read different parts of the pattern instead of being on one page. I want to sit down and re-write it so it's easier to manage (I tried to a week ago -- it did not go well). So for now, especially since there is no immediate need, the project is on hiatus.

That brings me to the current project:

I have been drooling over this yarn since it was first pictured in Wool & Honey's Sleeping Bear Yarn Club email. With the club membership, each month you get a skein of yarn with an upper Michigan theme and your choice of a pattern (shawl, baby sweater, or socks). Mom ordered an extra skein of yarn for me (yay!) and all three patterns (she's working on the socks right now). I am working on the shawl for myself. While I am only 14 rows in (I started working on it this morning while at the dealership), I am enjoying the ease of this pattern. I needed something that I can take with me and can work on a row or two at a time. I am planning on getting a lot done with this on Friday.

Reading wise -- well, not so much actually. I've been really tired when I get home at night from work and I usually just veg out with Netflix. I've been fighting quite a few migraines, too, and sometimes I just can't focus on reading (or knitting). I hope to change the reading, though!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh those fliddlie patterns! Maybe some time in time out will help and then things will be a little easier. That is some very pretty yarn your mama ordered for you and it's going to make such a great looking shawl.
    I'm sorry to hear about the migraines, my daughter gets them too, and I hope you are feeling better.
    Please tell your mama I said hello!

  2. love love love the color of your new yarn!! So saturated. I need quiet when I bead as well.