Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Yarn Along

Happy evening, everyone! I am happy to be back and participating in the weekly Yarn Along.

Any Firefly fans out there? Well, the hat in the above picture is from the program. One of my best friends has decided to cosplay the character this fall and requested that I make the hat for her. The Jayne Cobb hat was a quick and easy little project to fill in the times when I needed some mindless knitting.

Has anyone knitted with beads before? The shawl I am working on has beads that you add on. It has been an interesting pattern so far. Lots and lots of stitches in lace weight yarn means lots and lots of counting. And re-counting. And even a bit of swearing. I was so excited when I started the first beaded section that I opted not to put in a life line (mistake number one) and I rushed through starting it with a very bouncy, excited puppy in the same room (mistake number two). I ended up having to pull back to my last life line. I'm two rows above the life line right now (this is a knitting project I really can't be distracted with) so it's definitely slow going. My hope is to have it done before I go back to school in the fall (two months should be sufficient, right?!).

This morning found Mom and myself dashing off to the yarn shop. She had a dream we went to check out the new offerings, and I justified the trip by not having enough beads for the above mentioned shawl. It's really hard to not walk out of there with half the store in my bag!


  1. I haven't knit with bead, yet, but I'm pretty sure Karen has so she may be able to help. I think two months will be plenty of time.
    I know exactly what you mean about not leaving with a yarn store in your bag, I really think it's all the yarn fumes!

  2. I have knitted with beads and do like the way they look but I don't like how beading slows the speed and rhythm of knitting. lovely knits!